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Welcome to our Digi Community!

This is where you can share ideas, ask questions,
help and support each other with your knowledge!

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Community Do's & Don'ts

Welcome to our Digi Community!

This is where you can share ideas, ask questions, help and support each other with your knowledge!

We have a team of Digi Online Ambassadors, who are our dedicated community members that can share their expertise and latest updates with you. There is also a team within Digi, working to ensure information shared is accurate while helping to point our customers in the right direction when no one else in the community can assist.

Before you start, please check out our guidelines on what is acceptable online behaviour in the Digi Community.

Your Journey Begins

  • Sign up as a member in our Digi Community to submit your post.

  • If you’re looking for a solution, do a quick search first before posting your query. Your solution might already be available.

Digi Customer Service

  • Contact our Customer Support if there is an urgent matter you need assistance about Digi products and services, instead of relying solely on the community portal. You can reach us via: PM on Facebook (fb.com/Digi), Tweet us at @MyDigi, or contact our Customer Support channel (help@digi.com.my).

Courtesy & Manners

  • Be respectful and courteous to others. We all have different opinions, but please try not to offend your fellow Community members.

  • Keep the conversation on topic.

  • The English language is most likely not everyone’s first language, and words may not come across as intended. Be patient and seek to understand first when interacting with fellow Community members.

  • There is no need to SHOUT IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • Always remember to protect your own privacy and that of others.

  • When assisting others, do provide as much information as you can. The more helpful your solution, the more Kudos you get!

  • Be generous with your Kudos ☺ If your question was answered with satisfaction, give your fellow member a thumbs up!

  • Do search first before posting as someone might have already provided a solution to your query

  • Remember, don’t stray from the topic! If you want to discuss something that’s not related to the thread you’re on, create a new post.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t use offensive, threatening or rude language on the forum.

  • Don’t disrespect people’s privacy or share their confidential information.

  • It is an offence to post any content that is abusive, defamatory, indecent or harassing in nature.

  • Your posts should not infringe any person’s intellectual property rights, including Digi’s copyright material (any logos, text or pictures from Digi website).

  • If you impersonate anyone, misrepresent a relationship with any person or organisation, encourage others to commit unlawful acts, harass anyone or are unlawful in any way, and may put you or us in legal trouble, your posts will be removed and you could face a ban.

  • Posts with repetitive messages will be considered spam and subsequently removed.

  • Don’t share or post any personal details (account numbers, passwords or email addresses) on the forum.

  • Avoid posting anything political, religious, or controversial in nature such as pornographic content.

  • Don’t post content that directs users to 3rd party websites unless you have their permission to do so.

Things to Note

  • When you post on our Community, we may reproduce and publish that content on the forum or any other of our platforms.

  • By being members of the Digi Community, you are governed by Digi’s Code of Conduct and PDPA laws

  • Anyone who misbehaves or fail to comply with our guidelines will be warned with their posts removed, and the offender could face a ban.

  • Serious abuses may face an immediate and permanent ban.

  • From time to time, these guidelines may change along the way for the well-being of the community. Do check back regularly to ensure that you’re up-to-date.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time in our Community!