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Unpleasant Experience

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Registered: ‎26-01-2016

Dear DiGi,


I would like to express my unhappiness with how a simple matter was handled (wrongly) by the person manning the telephone lines at the call centre. My wife lost her mobile phone on Sunday at Paradigm Mall and quickly went to the DiGi centre located at the lower grond level at the shopping centre to bar her line. The salesgirl at the shop was very helpful and helped her call DiGi centre to have her line blocked/barred.


My wife was also advised that she can get a new SIM card and retain her current number, which my wife happily agreed. The person at DiGi Help Centre verified that my wife should be able to use her line within half an hour. That never happened even after three hours. By then my wife had acquired a new handphone and was waiting anxiously to make calls. So, we went back to the same DiGi outlet to enquire on the delay. The same shop assistant checked and told us the system showed that the process was still pending. Both my wife and I decided to wait overnight in case our request will be processed by the next morning.


My wife discovered that her line has not been activated the next morning. We decided to call DiGi Help Centre again around 9:43 am. We relayed our predicament to the person who answered our call. He verified my details and informed me that DiGi will look into the matter and everything will be settled within two hours at most. Unfortunately, that did not happen. We called back unhappily some four hours later, around 1:49 pm, to enquire again. The same personnel handled the case again and told me that it will be escalated to the manager on duty when I truly insisted.


What truly set me off was when he replied that everything should be resolved before the day is through, which could be another 10 - 11 hours. I told him that his reply was unacceptable as we lodged the report the previous day, nearly 24 hours ago and requested to speak to the manager on duty. He again told me that his manager was busy and will call me back - within two hours. That truly set me off. I then demanded that the manager call me back as soon as possible before ending the call.


The manager on duty (I forgot his name too) returned my call more than an hour later at 2:52 pm to inform me that everything has been expedited by DiGi and that my wife can make and receive calls already. My wife confirmed this to be true. I told the manager that I was more frustrated than angry with how things were handled.


That definitely should not have happened as I have been a very loyal DiGi user and customer for the last 25 years, since Mutiara Telecom days. I was contemplating of terminating my 'business' with DiGi after this experience but chose to end by suggesting that all staff should be thoroughly trained before entrusting them to man calls. This is to ensure that DiGi does not lose customers. i truly hope that will be expedited the soonest.

Re: Unpleasant Experience

Valued Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-06-2015
Hai so sorry to hear how it was handled, i truly has the same feeling as you, how digi or staff doing thing nowadays, i have had experience the worse than this! May be it is time for yellow men to return . . .

Re: Unpleasant Experience

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Registered: ‎05-08-2015

i guess it is good that you have shared your experience here. 


no organisation is 100% perfect and let's hope Digi will take time to investigate and improve. 

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Re: Unpleasant Experience

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Registered: ‎20-08-2015
That's weird as I recently changed SIM card at digi specialised store (who charged me rm10.60) as I was able to activate new sim card before I left the store

Did u go to a official digi specialised store?

U should try official service centre

Sad to read such service from paradigm mall

Re: Unpleasant Experience

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Registered: ‎07-05-2015

Hi Djohann,


We hear you, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We value our customers' feedback and this has definitely been shared with the relevant team and we will work to serve you, our customers, better.


Thank you for your support all this time, in being our loyal customer Smiley Happy

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