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Stay Safe From Scams with Digi!

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Registered: ‎18-07-2019

Hey Subscribers! 

Worrying if you have a scam issue on your hands? Here's a list of recent scam issues we have compiled. If you are facing anything similar, do check out the appriopriate articles here:


Date Article
17th August 2020   #DigiUpdate: Fake Digi Prize Giveaway Scam
6th July 2020 #DigiUpdate:  Scam Alert - Beware of Suspicious Callers and Fake Offers
16th March 2020 #DigiUpdate: Fake Rewards Program Scam
28th February 2020 #DigiUpdate: Fake Poll Scam
2nd February 2020 #DigiUpdate: Fake Facebook Scam Announcement
2nd February 2020 #DigiUpdate: Fake Survey Contest Scam
25th August 2019 #DigiUpdate: Fake Poll Scam
16th August 2019 #DigiUpdate: Fake Facebook Scam Announcement
11th April 2019 #DigiUpdate: Fake Wangiri "Missed Call" Scam
1st Februry 2019 #DigiUpdate: Fake Samsung Malaysia Galaxy S9 Scam 
1st March 2019 #DigiUpdate: Fake Foreign Number Whatsapp Scam
23rd January 2019 #DigiUpdate: Fake Donation Scam on Community
26th December 2018 #DigiUpdate: Fake Whatsapp Scam
23rd December 2018 #DigiUpdate: Fake Survey Scam
28th August 2018 #DigiUpdate: Fake Whatsapp Contest Scam
20th March 2018 #DigiUpdate: Fake Whatsapp Contest Scam
13th October 2017 #DigiUpdate: Suspicious Callers
24th  August 2017 #DigiUpdate: Fake "Digi Menang Bersama" Contest Scam
21st August 2017 #DigiUpdate: Coda Direct Billing Scam


To make a report, reach out to us on our Digi website here. Find out how you can check if any bank account numbers or phone number have been reported as scams here.

Check out these links to learn how to check for safe websites and how to spot a fake contest or scam. If you think your phone has been affected by a virus or any malware, check here to find out how to clean your device.

We highly encourage that our customers ignore any suspicious messages on any social platforms. If you receive a TAC code from an unknown number/profile claiming it's Digi Helpline, do not reply! Digi has never practiced using TAC codes. Do not give out any recieved TAC codes as the scammer may use it to make a transactions  and bill it to your account.


Remember, if you encounter a scam issue, do not reply or respond to the scammer. Do not tell anyone your personal information, especially potential scammers on the internet.


If you believe you have encountered a new scam case, please do report the issue to us immediately.