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#DigiUpdate - SCAM ALERT: Beware of Suspicious Callers and Fake Offers

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Community Manager
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Registered: ‎03-06-2019

Dear Subscribers,


We have taken notice that there have been reports of suspicious individuals calling and claiming to be Digi Sales Representatives from a Digi KL Contact Centre and Digi Armada.


These malicious callers have been noted to offer special downgrade rate plans. The caller would request that users share their OTP received via sms to gain access to your Digi account. DO NOT give out any private information or codes.


The scammers were reported to be calling from these numbers:

+603 - 789 03919

+603 - 808 43122

+603 - 808 43185

+603 - 808 43113

+603 - 896 62377

+603 - 3385 2326

+603 - 3385 3013

+603 - 3385 3001



scam ss.PNG

                               Example of One-Time PIN (OTP) SMS


These scammers may also request that users meet up with them to fill up and submit a form to be entitled for the discount.


We strongly advise that you DO NOT give out any private information such bank details, credit card information or other personal details or security codes (such as OTPs) to any callers requesting for these information. If you're suspicious of any bank account numbers or phone numbers you have received, you can check to see if they are authentic here.


Tips on how to stay safe:

1. Do  NOT  share any private and personal information with anyone over the phone including your OTP.

2. Fore info on our latest offers, on-going promotions and more, check our website  or our prepaid, postpaid or promotion  community pages.

3. You may visit Digi’s official channels and Digi Stores to seek out clarification for any/all offers made through calls.

4. To make a report on this matter, reach out to us on our Digi website by clicking the button below:


5. You can also reach out to us through the live chat on the MyDigi App here


You can also check our list of other scams to keep yourself safe and informed here!