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The F8 update.

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Registered: ‎11-08-2015

By now you all have probably read about Facebook’s plan for the next 10 years.


Sure sounds like a lot of exciting stuff! However, couldn’t help but notice a similar note in all of these updates. That the old way of doing things, will be obsolete. So I took some time and created a list… because everyone loooves lists.




  1. Traditional TV.

Get rid of those antennas & because your TV experience will be more mobile and channels will be replaced by APPS.


  1. Customer service operators.
    Never again call for help. Facebook will soon enable chat bots that are aimed to be the new frontier in Customer Service.

    FB is already developing the AI (Artificial Intelligence) to respond to all your needs and requests.


  1. Google
    Google takes multiple hits as Facebook gears up to expand in SEARCH, LIVESTREAMING and NATIVE VIDEO CONTENT. Ouch.


  1. WeChat/LINE.
    Currently ‘Brand-friendly’ chat apps will be in danger once Facebook launches Sponsored Chats, where users will get promos straight into their Messenger app. Similar to SMS blasts of the olden days.


  1. SMS-ing
    Facebook wants this “ancient” technology to be replaced by WhatsApp & FB Messenger. One day we’ll have to explain what SMS is to our kids


  1. Internet towers.
    Facebook intends for the Internet to take flight (literally) by building internet drones and satellites to get into those harder to reach areas.

  2. Your FREE time.
    With all this exciting updates coming soon, the most exciting aspect is definitely the upcoming use of VIRTUAL REALITY. How will you have any time left over to do anything else?

What do you think of the list? Did i miss anything? Let me know in the comments below! Discussions are welcome Smiley Happy