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Phone plans (data) with unlimited calls

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Registered: ‎05-08-2015

Everyone is going data these days. But good data plans are still difficult to come by, though more and more telcos are now coming up with one such plan.


I have to admit, I got tempted recently by Digi’s Smart Plan 75 and ended up grabbing it.


This is how I see it:



From the chart, we can see that there many affordable plans out there (below RM100) that offer just about the same amount of data.


OK... One telco seems to like making things slightly more complicated and came out with some weird stuff – like 1.25GB of data for weekend use. And then another quota for some wifi service. I don’t about others, I have something similar from my Streamyx subscription but I have never bothered with it – I just rely on my mobile network when I am outside.


While some might like such thing, I prefer to keep things simple and easy. Just give me the total amount I can use and I will manage it. I don't want to have to track how much I use on week days vs weekends.


Anyway, when people talk about plans, they compare data, voice calls and… SMS. But really… Do we still need SMS? Most of us would already be using Whatsapp, LINE, Wechat, etc. So, why SMS when we can just pick up and call? After all, we’re getting UNLIMITED voice calls. Sometimes, it is still better to just call someone and hear their (sweet) voice.  Woman Very Happy


Oh ya… The other thing people will usually compare is -- Coverage. Fact is:  No telco is perfect. Even with the BEST telco in the world, you will surely be able to find 1-2 people who will claim that “the best” telco suck.


But it is always good to have a telco with “nationwide coverage”. I dunno… Maybe like when we’re on our “Jalan-jalan, cari makan” quest around the country and we’re using Waze to guide us around. Last thing we would want is – Sorry, you have no data network. Please try again later.


Direct billing. How useful is this?

Not everyone has got a credit card. Not everyone is comfortable storing their credit card details on the phone. Telco that offer this is now giving us another OPTION. A very convenient one too.


Lastly… Something we all like to ask when we buy stuff: Got freebies ar? Man LOL Got free iFlix? Got free music streaming?


So, what do you think…?


But if you’re seriously considering the Smart Plan 75, do remember, this is currently a “limited time” promo that ends this month (February 2016).

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Re: Phone plans (data) with unlimited calls

Posts: 4
Registered: ‎20-08-2015

Just switched to Smart Plan 75 - Reasonable price, Good Nationwide Coverage (tried it on balik kampung trip), 


Green Telco- Expensive (very)

Blue Telco- Cunning  telco with hidden/limited weekday quota

Orange Telco- Very skeptical on its coverage , very slow to receive TAC code


Very obvious choice, no?

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