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tp-link Smart Home Gadgets (HS110/LB130/NC450)

by SuperUser ‎25-11-2018 07:07 PM - edited ‎25-11-2018 07:21 PM

Hello everyone!


Today I am going to be sharing some of the personal view on the few smart home related items from TP-Link and I hope they are going to be useful for you when you’re choosing what to purchase for you smart home!


What we have in the studio today is the following items:

  1. tp-link Smart Wi-Fi Plug with energy monitoring (HS110)
  2. tp-link Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with color changing hue (LB130)
  3. tp-link HD Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi camera (NC450)



Let’s start off with the first item on the list which is the tp-link Smart Wi-Fi Plug with energy monitoring (HS110) shall we?


Instead of the usual 3 pin plug style Wi-Fi extender from other brands that utilize the wall plug point itself, the one from tp-link can be plugged into the port and it actually has a built in UK power port that allows you to still use that wall plug point, and it does comes with its own smart function like turning on the device that is plug into the port via the remote control function in the Kasa Smart app!



So you can plug it into the wall and have your lamp plugged into the tp-link smart plug and voila! You have a lamp that you can turn on via the app anytime you want J


The plug’s main function is to extend your Wi-Fi signal via the 2.4GHz spectrum and I would say it work really well, my studio has a lot of wall and we have the router at the end of the hall and we have the smart plug installed at the other side of the studio with 3 concrete walls in between them and I am still getting a solid speed extended from my router!


This would be really useful if your home has the layout where the router is seated at one end of the house and you are having difficulty accessing the router’s Wi-Fi signal from the rooms.




Next up we have the tp-link Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with color changing hue (LB130), this is my favorite item out of the pack due to the RGB lighting and man, I dig RGB lighting stuffs a LOT!


Their size is slightly bigger than and normal light bulb and they are using the commonly found E27 socket so it should fit most of the lamps out there easily! I have it installed in my ikea stand lamp and you guys can refer to the picture below to see the effect of the RGB.




One thing I am not a fan of the bulb is that the brightness seems to be a little on the dim side even after cranking the brightness to 100% in the KASA Smart app, it is a very fun light for those who want a different ambient light for diffident occasions/activity.




Lastly we have the most expensive device out of the bunch which is the BB-8 looking camera, the tp-link HD Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi camera (NC450)!


This cameras has the option to pan and tilt meaning you can access the camera via the tp Camera app and move the camera around at your convenience using your finger!


I have the resolution set in 1080p and the image/video quality you’re getting is decent enough for a surveillance camera but definitely not on par with those crazy megapixel monsters of the mobile phones we’re getting nowadays lol…but of course, they are not trying to achieve that as well Smiley Wink



Within the tp Camera app, you have the option to set the camera to pan vertically or till horizontally in auto mode like the usual CCTV style we see in movies/video games scene or you can just have it at a static angle and move it around however you wish so have a better viewing angle.


It uses micro SD cards for the recording with the support up to 64GB so you’ll get plentiful of footage if you really did put in a 64GB card.


I have a few pics of the camera in comparison with the Xiaomi XiaoFang camera we have in the studio and you can see the one from tp-link excels in quality and build, it is a beast compared to the XiaoFang lol!



All in all, I’ve enjoyed the time I spent with these devices and it does makes you appreciate the little things these devices can do to make your home smarter!


So that’s all from me today but if you guys have any question, please few free to comment below and I will try to answer to your question accordingly.


Digi is currently doing a promotion with the devices that I reviewed above and if you guys are interested, give this link a read , you won't regret it  Smiley Wink