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Pineng PN-666 Wireless Powerbank with QC3.0!

by Community Manager ‎02-11-2018 08:28 PM - edited ‎02-11-2018 09:05 PM

A growing number of phones have Qi wireless charging capability. Isn't it great if we can top up the power of our devices without the dangling mess?

Meet the elegant solution, wireless charging powerbank!


I have gotten the Pineng PN-666 wireless charging Powerbank for testing. The powerbank costs between RM60-70 and can be easily found from online shopping portals accessible in Malaysia.



The great:

  1. This Powerbank features standard speed wireless charging supporting iPhone and Android devices. Your device will get warm as any other wireless charging, but not too hot for touch.
  2. QC3.0 for wired charging into the powerbank and out to your phone. Key differentiating point of this model in the market.
  3. Built in microUSB cable and lightning converter in the powerbank itself, a neat wireless look.
  4. Beautiful blue (wireless charging) and red (not wirelessly charging) indicator on the  sides.


The not so great:

  1. When Powerbank is being charged, this model of Powerbank cannot for charging. No wired or wireless charging when it is plugged in. If you're trying to make this as a desktop cum portable wireless charger, forget it.
  2. No USB-C input.
  3. No USB-C adaptor instead of Lightning option.
  4. Wireless charging efficiency is still low. i.e. the Powerbank may need 20% to charge a 10% of your device. Not this device's problem, but a general inefficiency of wireless charging in terms of conversion efficiency and speed.
  5. Does not have fast wireless charging unlike some competitor models.



The verdict:

Pineng PN-666 is the most appealing wireless Powerbank in the market right now. Having the option for blazing fast QC3.0 charging is a great assurance in case the wireless charging speed does not meet the rush of your day. I liked it, but I think there is room for competition in near future as phones with wireless charging is increasingly common.


Some Digi outlets retail the Yoobao W5 wireless charging powerbank. If someone have tried the Yoobao or any other wireless charging powerbank, please leave your comment below!

by SuperUser
on ‎02-05-2019 02:33 AM

Cool review! Love the fact that this powerbank has an LCD display instead of simple LED indicators. Heart