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Gaming with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

by SuperUser on ‎26-10-2020 10:51 AM

A few days back, I wrote about the physical aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. I shared how I like the flat Super Amoled Plus display, the really useful S-Pen, and the fact that you can get the phone with no upfront from Digi (T&C applies).



Anyway, phones have gotten so powerful these days that one does not really need the best processor to run  things like Office apps, Whatsapp or even Chrome. Just like how it is with desktop and laptop PCs, the  high end precessors on mobile phone usually caters to one special group of users  -- gamers.



So, can the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 play the most demanding of games?



Check out this video I made while playing Genshin Impact. This is the latest 3D action RPG that is also one of the hottest game in town right now. It was recorded using the built-in Android screen recorder...

Excuse the n00b gameplay. Still getting used to the game



As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 had no issues with this game. And don't forget that I also have the screen recorded running too!


Here is another round of Genshin Impact. I also checked the temperature of the phone and it was hovering at around 43C. That is considered decent and acceptable.


I am getting better at this. 



Besides Genshin Impact, I also tried out Arena of Valor. As you can see, I can get 60fps in the game (this is also the max fps that the game allows). The gameplay was also very smooth. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was also powerful enough to let me do some video editing works (see around minute 3:10 of the video below).



I have also tried Fortnite on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and it was also really smooth, though I did not play much as I am not that into Fortnite.


So, what do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20?



by Member
on ‎27-12-2020 09:50 PM

I like this , how i can get the fon ?..



by Support
on ‎27-12-2020 10:27 PM

Hi FarisAdryan, thanks for the interest in our phone plan, welcome PM to our Inbox for more information regarding Phonefreedom 365 phone package, Thank You.