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It’s time to Invite and Earn a Samsung smartphone!

by Community Manager on ‎14-11-2017 04:39 PM - edited on ‎04-12-2017 01:55 PM by Moderator

Hi guys,

It’s time to invite, invite and EARN! This time, stand a chance to win a Samsung smartphone when you join MyDigi app’s Invite-athon. 


 On top of that, you can also collect as many 99Speedmart vouchers as you can and use all them in one transaction at 99Speedmart (while stocks last)!


Invite and earn (and win!) ! Click on your MyDigi app and follow these steps:



Hurry, invite all of your friends and family to go on MyDigi now! Promo ends 17 December 2017



Q1: Who can participate in this campaign/contest?

A1: This campaign/contest is open to all Digi customers residing in Malaysia except for: Permanent, contract and temporary employees of Digi; and Enterprise and corporate individual customers under Digi Postpaid for Business.


Q2: As a referrer , what channels/apps can I use to send my invitation code?

A2: This is dependent on what messaging applications you have installed on your phone. You may choose whichever messaging application you deem suitable to send your invitation code to your family and friends.


Q3: Can I manually invite my friend by only giving them the code I have from the Invite & Earn tab? (without clicking on Send Invite)

A3: Yes, you can share your invitation code without clicking Send Invite in the app to invite. The referee will just need to key in your code once they have downloaded the MyDigi app.


Q4: Who can receive the reward (cash voucher)?

A4: The voucher will be available for both referrer and referee when the referee logs into the MyDigi app for the very first time and keys in the referrer’s code.


Q5: Is there a maximum number of people that I can invite to MyDigi app?

A5: No. You may invite as many people as you can.


Q6: As a referrer, can I receive more than 1 reward (cash voucher)?

A6: Yes you can. The more people you successfully invite, the more vouchers you will be getting (while stocks last). However, you will only receive the voucher if the referee logs into MyDigi for the very first time and uses your code.


Q7: As a referrer, how will I know when my referee uses my code?

A7: You will receive a push notification & in-app notification to inform you that your friend has joined MyDigi. To redeem your voucher, just click on the push notification to enter MyDigi > click on Notification icon > Click on in-app message to redeem


Q8: Why can’t I see the in-app notification message to key in the code/ redeem my voucher?

A8: The in-app notification message only lasts for:

  1. a) For referrers – Does not expire ( If you have mistakenly removed this message, you just need to refresh home screen to view the message again)
  2. b) For referees – 7 days after logging into MyDigi app

Q13: How can I update the new MyDigi app (v5.2.4) ?

A13: You can get the app by searching for MyDigi in PlayStore or AppStore


Q14: Why am I experiencing issues loading the MyDigi app?

A14: Please ensure that you are on iOS 9 and up or Android 4.1 and up for optimal experience with MyDigi.


Find out more about MyDigi's Invite and Earn here.