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Get Rewarded with the All New MyDigi App

by Community Manager ‎01-07-2019 03:05 PM - edited ‎24-09-2019 05:54 PM

Hey Digi Subscribers,


We are bringing the all-new and all-improved MyDigi 3.0 app to you.


That’s not all, we want to invite you to share in this moment with us! Join us by signing up for the all-new MyDigi app and receive a welcome gift from us. Existing subscribers just have to update their MyDigi app and sign in to it to be eligible.


Subscribers who register and sign-in to the new MyDigi app get to enjoy  FREE 1GB Data as a welcome gift!


Have we gotten you excited? Well hurry up and get the new MyDigi app!


Here’s how you can redeem your free welcome gift:


3.0 1.PNG


MyDigi Update 3.png

MyDigi Update.png


MyDigi Update 2.png

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Who is eligible to get the Welcome Gift?

A1: Welcome gift is exclusively for users who first time login to MyDigi 3.0.


Q2: Where do I get the promo code?

A2: The promo code will be stated in the onboarding screen pop up


Q3: Will I get the voucher immediately?

A3: After you have put in the promo code, you will get the voucher granted at your MyRewards immediately.


Q4: How many gift can I redeem?

A4: Each person is only entitled for 1 gift. 

by Member
on ‎12-09-2019 11:07 AM

I didn't see any promo code when I downloaded the app, if I missed it, how can I recall my promo code?

by Member
on ‎14-02-2020 01:17 AM

internet free


by Support
on ‎14-02-2020 04:19 PM

fadhlifatin, may we know how can we assist u here? U may inbox/PM us the full details of ur issue for further assistance on this 

by Member
on ‎23-06-2020 02:49 PM


by Support
on ‎25-06-2020 01:44 PM

Putra1983, if u need any further assistance from us here, please inbox us the full details ya