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Revised Registration Guidelines for Prepaid Customers FAQs

by Community Manager on ‎15-01-2018 08:53 AM - edited on ‎20-01-2021 10:32 AM by Community Manager

The Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had strengthened the Guidelines for Prepaid Registration on 1 June 2017 with the aim of rolling out enforcement by 1 January 2018. Mobile service operators are given an extension to implement these revised registration guidelines progressively throughout 2018.


Q1. Why did MCMC revise the registration guidelines for prepaid?

A1. Prepaid registration in Malaysian has been made mandatory since 2006. It was implemented to curb misuse of prepaid mobile services that might raise national security concerns such as terrorism and criminal behaviour. These concerns continue to be the motivation behind the revised guidelines, ensuring the integrity and validity of the identification information provided during registration.


Q2. Which registration guideline will be implemented first since Digi is only rolling them out progressively in 2018?

A2. Effective 15 January 2018, the maximum number of registered prepaid lines for each ID is 5, instead of 10 SIMs, per mobile service operator. Example: you can register for 5 different prepaid lines with Digi using the same ID at any time.


Q3. Which category or type of ID is applicable in these revised prepaid registration guidelines?

A3. There are three (3) categories of ID that are acceptable for prepaid registration. The mobile service providers and their representatives would require verification against the original ID. Please bring along the original documents for registration.


Original documents


Non-Malaysian (Foreign workers or students)



MyKad; MyPR; MyTentera, MyPolis card (issued by the National Registration Department)

Passport, Work permit Identification card/IKad/EKad*


*More acceptable ID types will be announced later.


Q4. What kind of information do I have to present during the prepaid registration process?

A4. According to MCMC’s revised guidelines, prepaid customers are to provide the following identification information to the mobile service providers or their dealers:


  1. Malaysian citizens/permanent residents
  • Full Name & Identification Number as per NRIC or Armed Forces ID;
  • Permanent address as per NRIC or Armed Forces ID; and
  • Any other information as may be required by MCMC.
  1. Non-Malaysian (Foreign workers or students)
  • Full Name & Passport Number as per passport;
  • Passport issuing country;
  • Company name and address as provided in the work permit document or student identification document with university address (for students); and
  • Any other information as may be required by MCMC.
  1. Tourists who are visiting/staying in Malaysia for less than three (3) months
  • Full Name & Passport Number as per Passport;
  • Passport issuing country; and
  • Any other information as may be required by MCMC.

Q5. How do I check the number of prepaid lines that are registered under my ID?

A5. Please contact our customer channels for verification, such as Digi Live Chat, Digi Helpline (016-2211800) or walk in to any of Digi Stores nationwide. Soon, Digi customers will be able to verify the number of prepaid lines registered under their ID via MyDigi. Please stay tuned for updates.


Q6. What happens if the registration details were found to be incorrect?

A6. Customers are strongly advised to provide the correct information to the mobile service provider during registration. In the event of any inaccuracy, the service provider will endeavour to do its best to contact these customers to provide valid and accurate identification information. Customers will be given a specific time frame to revert with the correct information in order to avoid the possibility of their lines being suspended.


Q7. I have more than 5 prepaid lines registered to my ID prior to the revised prepaid registration guidelines were introduced. Will these revised registration guidelines affect me?

A7. No, the revised registration guidelines for prepaid lines will not affect you if you have registered more than 5 prepaid lines before 15 Jan 2018. However, in the event that some of your lines are terminated after 15 Jan 2018, you can no longer register a new line if your quota has exceeded 5 lines.

by Member
on ‎24-01-2018 08:13 AM

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by Support
on ‎24-01-2018 08:33 AM

Hi arifffadzreen, please PM us via http://goo.gl/epyFn8 with your mobile number, full name and more information so that we can assist you further. Thanks 

by Member
on ‎16-10-2019 09:49 PM


by Support
on ‎17-10-2019 07:59 AM

anwaralwie, please check your PM and provide us with the required info ya. TQ :-)