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Port Over & Be Rewarded!

by Marshie SuperUser on ‎20-04-2017 02:51 PM - edited on ‎04-12-2017 11:28 AM by Moderator


Keep your number and get all the rewards on MyDigi app when you switch to Digi Prepaid™

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Here are the goodies available but do be quick as this promo ends on May 31, 2017.



Let’s make this deal even sweeter – register online in the comfort of your own home! No jams and no queues.


Once you’ve successfully ported over, here’s how to redeem these goodies:




Q1. Who can redeem these FREE MyDigi Rewards + 4GB Internet?
A1. These FREE MyDigi Rewards + 4GB Internet offers are applicable to mobile subscribers who have successfully port-in to Digi Prepaid™ during campaign period.

Q2. Where can I download MyDigi app?
A2. You can go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for ‘MyDigi’ to download.

Q3. Why am I facing difficulties to load the app?
A3. Please ensure that you on the latest iOS 10 or android 5.0 and above device operating system to enjoy seamless experience.

MyDigi Rewards:
Q1. Where can I access to these reward vouchers?
A1. Just follow our tutorial above.

Q2. How many times can I redeem these reward vouchers?
A2. You can only redeem once for each reward voucher at the participating merchants.

Q3. What is the validity of these reward vouchers?
A3. The validity for each reward voucher varies and is dependent on the participating merchant. For more information, refer to the Terms and Conditions in MyDigi> MyRewards> Redeem.

Q4. Can I exchange my reward voucher for cash?
A4. No, all reward vouchers are not exchangeable for cash or transferable to others.

Q5. I have successfully port-in to Digi Prepaid. Why can’t I see the rewards vouchers in MyRewards tab?
A5. The reward vouchers will be loaded to your MyRewads tab in MyDigi app two weeks after you have successfully port-in.

Q6. Why I don’t see McDonald’s voucher in MyRewards tab?
A6. McDonald’s voucher is only applicable if you port in to Digi Prepaid via Digi Store Online only. The voucher will be delivered to your doorstep, together with SIM card.

4GB Internet:
Q1. How can I get my 4GB Internet?
A1. You need to redeem 4GB Internet in MyDigi app. You will get 2GB Internet in the first month and 1GB Internet each for second and third month.

To redeem your first 2GB Internet, perform the steps below:
i. Upon your first login to MyDigi app, tap on Menu bar on top left of your screen.
ii. Select “Add-On” and tab on “Freebies”.
iii. Under “Freebies”, there will be 2 x “MyDigi Welcome Gift 1GB” that you will need to redeem individually.

On the 2nd and 3rd month after your first login to MyDigi app, you will receive an SMS notification that 1GB Internet is ready for your redemption. Login to MyDigi app and perform Step 1-3 above to redeem it.

Q2. I can only see 1GB + 1GB Internet during my first log in to MyDigi, where is my remaining 2GB Internet?
A2. The remaining 2GB Internet will be granted to you on a monthly basis at 2nd and 3rd month and you must login to MyDigi app to redeem after receiving SMS or in-app notification.

Q3. Upon receiving notification on my Free Internet, how long am I given to redeem the freebie?
A3. You will need to redeem the Free Internet via MyDigi app within 7 days. No re-granting will be awarded if you missed the 7 days redemption period.

Q4. What can I use my free 4GB Internet on?
A4. The 4GB Internet can be used on all Internet activities.

Q5. Do I need an Internet plan in order to receive/utilise the 4GB Internet?
A5. No prior Internet plan is required to redeem the free 4GB Internet. However, if you have an existing Internet Plan, free 4GB Internet will be utilized first before deducting the quota from your Internet Plan.

Q6. When does my validity of Free Internet expire?
A6. Validity of each 1GB Internet expires 7 days after redemption.

Q7. How do I check if my 1GB Internet is already in my Internet quota?
A7. To check, please go to MyDigi app > Internet (Swipe left once on Usage screen), click on ‘View Details’ and you will see “Free MyDigi Welcome Gift 1GB” listed as your Internet quota.

Q8. I sign up MyDigi via digi.com.my, am I eligible for the 4GB Internet?
A8. No, the 4GB Internet is available for redemption via the new MyDigi app only.


by Hyedah Member
on ‎22-10-2017 03:46 PM

Can tunetalk sim  switch to digi?i have problem to port in to dg,my tunetalk sim register under my name,NRIC..I have try to port in 2 times but still unsuccesfull...reason on NRIC..

by Support
on ‎23-10-2017 08:21 AM

Hyedah, kindly PM us your phone number <here> for further clarification, please? TQ

by KNS1 SuperUser
on ‎09-12-2017 09:46 PM

 I can't log in mydigi app to reload if my number is passive mode. Sad.

by Support
on ‎11-12-2017 10:48 AM

MyDigi app needs an internet connection to function. You may use a Wifi connection to log in too.