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New 30-Day High Speed Internet Plan for SPM & STPM Students

by Community Manager ‎04-01-2021 01:50 PM - edited ‎08-01-2021 10:39 AM

Hey subscribers!


Getting ready to sit for your SPM or STPM papers soon? Starting from 6th January 2021 to April 2021,  Digi’s got you covered! To help ease your studying and preparation for your exams, we have the perfect internet plan for you. 


The 'Pakej Data Khas SPM dan STPM 2021' is an exclusive internet plan for SPM & STPM students that offers 15GB of Truly High-Speed Internet with 30 days validity period for only RM20.


*All Malaysians who are 16 to 19 years old (born in 2001 - 2004 based on NRIC) are eligible for this internet plan.


How To Purchase

Ready to get started? Here’s how you can purchase this offer:


  • Via ‘Add-ons’ on the MyDigi App

STEP 1 AND 2.png


Step 1: Find the offer on the ‘Internet’ tab of the Add-Ons page on the MyDigi App. Tap on it to proceed to purchase.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Confirm” to complete your purchase


STEP 3 AND 4.png

Once you’ve purchased the plan, you will see a summary of your purchase and can monitor your usage on the MyDigi App homepage!


  • Via UMB Codes

To purchase this internet pass (for all Prepaid subscribers), key in these codes: 


prepaid 1.png

prepaid 2.png

prepaid 3.png


others 1.png

others 2.png

others 3.png


Q1. What is Pakej Data Khas SPM and STPM 2021?

A1. It is an industry-wide initiative by MCMC to offer students sitting for SPM and STPM, mobile internet data. This is a one-time internet pass of 15GB with a validity of 30 days for RM 20.


Q2. Who is eligible for this Pakej Data Khas SPM and STPM 2021?

A2. New and existing Digi subscribers who are Malaysians between 16 to 19-years-old the system will follow the exact date of birth based on the subscriber’s NRIC birth date.


Q3. How can existing Digi customers subscribe to Pakej Data SPM and STPM 2021?

A3. There are 2 ways to subscribe to this product. For users with MyDigi they can head to the MyDigi Add-Ons page where they will see the offer, we highly recommend that customers download the MyDigi app for the best experience. For non-MyDigi users, they can access the offer via UMB *128#.


Q4. How can a non-Digi subscriber purchase the Pakej Khas Data SPM and STPM 2021?

A4. A non-Digi subscriber is recommended to purchase a NEXT plan to become eligible for the Pakej Khas Data SPM and STPM 2021. It will be available on 13th Jan onwards via MSA & 20th Jan via Kiosk and Digi Store Online.


Q5. What is the validity period of Pakej Khas Data SPM and STPM 2021?

A5. It is 30 days upon purchase.


Q6. If I had used up all 15GB of the data quota before the end of the validity period, can I still purchase Pakej Data Khas SPM dan STPM?

A6. Yes, but we recommend that customers purchase the RM 10 for 10GB quota top-up via the MyDigi booster page or UMB *128#.


Q7. How long is the offer period for Pakej Khas Data SPM and STPM 2021?

A7. From 6th January 2021 to April 2021 (the exact end date of this offer will be announced by MCMC at a later date).


Q8. Can I buy multiple Pakej Khas Data SPM and STPM 2021?

A8. Yes, but the remaining quota and validity will be reset to follow the new purchase.


Q9. Will this offer be available via Kiosk?

A9. Yes. But it will only be made available from the 20th January 2021 onwards.


Q10. Is this offer available to all Digi Prepaid customers on any rate plan?

A10. While all Digi Prepaid Mobile voice subscribers can purchase this internet plan, the exception to this are users on the ABADI, Digi Monthly Plan 28 and Digi monthly Plan 50.