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How to Check Your Digi Prepaid Data Usage and Credit Balance

by Community Manager on ‎14-11-2018 11:33 AM - edited on ‎18-06-2021 05:16 PM by Community Manager

Wondering how you can track your Digi Prepaid data usage or credit balance? There are a couple of ways to do so! We recommend using MyDigi app as the fastest way to check it. Just open your MyDigi app and go to "Usage" to get all the info you need 💛


With the app, you can find out more about:
1. Internet usage and balance
2. Call + SMS quota
3. Credit balance


Internet Usage and Balance



Call + SMS quota


Free Credit Balance

Not on the MyDigi App yet? Click here to download it today! 


Via UMB code
If you wish to use UMB codes to check your Digi Prepaid usage, check out our directory here.


Braodband Usage

Looking for a simple guide to check your broadband usage? Click here to find out how!


Wondering what's eating up your data and internet? Check out these apps that consume the most data and how to best conserve your internet so you stay connected to what matters most.

by Member
on ‎17-06-2019 05:16 PM

How can I view my bill via PC. I tried to open the app many times but could not login.

Im feeling sick already with your app.

by Support
on ‎19-06-2019 05:14 PM

Temasek63, we are sorry to inform u that our MyDigi via web is still down for maintenance until further notice. 

If we have any info on this, we will try to inform u here ya. 

by Member
on ‎27-06-2019 11:00 PM

How to check usage and charges for Digi Prepaid account?


Previously it can be done via online but now the website is down.


Even from the My Digi app I cannot find a way to do it,.


Which mean, if my credit mysteriously gone missing I will never know.



by Anonymous
on ‎29-06-2019 03:37 PM

Hi bloznfs, the MyDigi web is currently unavailable until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. You may PM us your mobile number, your full name and your last 4 digits IC number for verification purpose and further assistance on the said issue. Click here to PM: https://bit.ly/2ERJb4N . Thanks.

by Member
on ‎10-07-2019 12:03 AM

You asked me to PM and when I tried to PM, even the PM is down!


Ok fine. I will post here. Hopefully this will work.


Please let me know:-


1. How long do you need to fix the MyDigi app on phone so that I can check Itemized Usage for Prepaid account?
2. How long do you need to fix the webpage so that I can check Itemized Usage for Prepaid account?
3. Before the app OR the webpage is fixed, how can I check Itemized Usage for Prepaid account?
by Community Manager
on ‎10-07-2019 04:29 PM

Thank you for your feedback. We are working together with our partners fix the features (including itemized usage) available on MyDigi App as well as our Digi Website.  For the time being, you may need to rely on your phone logs to check your itemized usage ya.  Stay tuned for the next update!

by Member
on ‎28-07-2019 09:00 AM

I am getting alot of usage sms recently:


"You hav reached RM1 daily usage.Local voice rate 15sen/min or 10sen/min(Super 10) to all networks &1sen/SMS to all DiGi numbers until 11.59pm today


But, the thing is i didnt used my phone for any calls or sms, and i have a rm30 active data plan, and i want to find out more, but there is no "Itemized usage" or "transaction history" to check upon.


Could CS please give us an alternative way to do it, with achievable steps?


you may need to rely on your phone logs to check your itemized usage ya << This is not helping me.

by Member
on ‎14-11-2019 01:57 PM

App doesn't help. Cannot check data usage. Please don't tell me  Digi is still working on the web problem. It's been 5 months. It's very frustrating  not to know where  the credit balance is going.

by Support
on ‎14-11-2019 03:09 PM

arani, the itemized details for Prepaid account is not yet available at MyDigi. Kindly login to MyDigi app and follow these steps to request for the transaction details:
Menu (top, left) > Support > Accounts & Billings > What Issue Are You Facing? - Bill Request.


We will attend to your request accordingly. More info over here https://bit.ly/2YGW9hA