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Digi Prepaid to Postpaid

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Registered: ‎09-03-2017

Recently, I have switch from Celcom Postpaid to Digi. (Sunday, 5 March 2017).  The Digi guy told me that I have to switch from Celcom to Digi Prepaid first and only can switch to Postpaid and I agreed then sign for it on 5 March 2017 (12pm something). 

After 1 day, the line has been switch to Digi prepaid successfully. However, there are exceed for 3 days that my package still under prepaid and I have ask Digi live chat regarding this issue and they ask me wait for 24 hours (1st day), after 24 hours, the line still in prepaid (I already pay RM53 in advance for digi 50), I ask again, they ask me to wait another 24 hours (2nd day). They told me will be switch in 24 - 48 hours. My wife has signed packaged same from Celcom postpaid to digi postpaid and successful within 24 hours to Celcom to Digi prepaid to Digi Postpaid. I ask the customer service and they told me afternoon that will be expected to be switch to Digi postpaid anytime by yesterday, This morning (Now, 8.48am) the package still under Digi Prepaid Best 2016 MNP. I'm really frustrated as totally can't call out for few days as I'm waiting them to  switch it from prepaid to Postpaid, everytime call or ask, they will give the irresponsible reply saying that under process... how long the process can be done, said can't promise.... Please, the conversion is under your side, if Digi can't switch it, who is able to switch? Somemore now is Prepaid to postpaid instead from different network. I fel they are try to drag this issue again and again. 


Do anyone know how long it will take normally from Digi prepaid to Digi Postpaid. It can't be acceptable by counting today is 4th day already. I will ask again later and will they tell me actually need to wait 96 hours? I don't accept this kind of excuses if they told me in this way, My wife not up to 24 hours has done everything... I have still need to wait, how long they want me to wait? from first day, soon to 3rd day (Yesterday said 'soon') This is 4th day!

Re: Digi Prepaid to Postpaid

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Registered: ‎01-05-2015

Apologize for the delay, lohb9.

Please PM us your phone number <here> for further clarification.


Thank you.

Have a pleasant day!

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