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Digi Prepaid Super Long Life 2017

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎24-11-2017

Hi Guys,


I learned about the Digi Prepaid Super Long Life back in 2016 when I got myself a prepaid number. I paid RM68 for the service to remain good for 365 days, which I thought was a good deal.


Fast forward to a year later today, I was absolutely shocked  that RM68 will only get you 3 months good service on the Super Long Life plan. If you want the service to last 365 days, you'll have to pay RM108!!! Whilst most people might see that as only a RM40 increase, that increase in amount is equivalent to nearly 60%!!!!  That is a huge increase in a year.


My plea to Digi:

I switched my service to Digi for the low costs, definitely not for the stability nor your coverage (because let's face it, your service is seriously below par to put it mildly. And after so many years in operation, ...you catch my drift?)  Whilst I understand you need to make a profit, answer to stakeholders, yadee yadee yah, 60% is a massive increase in a year. Try to be realistic and not get carried away with increasing your costs. For customers like me who came to you for your low costs, it is extremely off-putting. It makes me start looking at other mobile operators' costs.


60%!!! Seriously!

Re: Digi Prepaid Super Long Life 2017

Posts: 471
Registered: ‎18-11-2016

Hi YanAndrew,


Thank you for the feedback and we value it. We hope to be able to satisfy you in other areas in future. Thanks 

Re: Digi Prepaid Super Long Life 2017

Community Manager
Posts: 7,299
Registered: ‎20-04-2015

Super Long Life was in fact retracted for Prepaid Best 2016 for  a while. Then many requested to see Super Long Life coming back. With consideration that Prepaid Best 2016/2017 has free basic internet and many other internet freebies, the SLL is reintroduced with revised pricing. That was the story.

Thanks for your feedback anyway. We love to hear it from your perspective.

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