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Digi Prepaid NEXT - FAQ

by SuperUser on ‎22-06-2020 04:39 PM - edited on ‎02-03-2021 12:18 PM by Community Manager

The All-New Digi Prepaid NEXT, is the only prepaid starter pack that is preloaded with a 30-day High-Speed Internet plan starting from only RM15. Want to know more about the pack? Here are all the key facts you need to get you to the NEXT level.


General  FAQs

Q1. What does it mean by “Always Active”?

A1. With Always Active feature, customers can manage their prepaid account conveniently with single validity for both the line and the Internet. They only need to ensure to have sufficient account credit balance to renew Internet plan subscriptions to keep the line active.


Q2. Is there a change to Internet quota of Digi Prepaid?

A2: The Internet quota of Digi Prepaid NEXT plans have been updated as these were offered as part of a limited time introductory offer when it first launched in June 2020.


Q3: What will happen to customers who opted to subscribe to these two plans prior to this update?

A3: Active Digi Prepaid NEXT 30 and 35 customers will continue to receive current 20GB and 40GB data allocation and Unlimited Calls to all networks that they are currently enjoying if they continue to renew the NEXT 30 and 35 respectively as their internet plan. They can find the offer via their Box of Surprise on MyDigi or UMB


Q4: Can existing NEXT30 and NEXT35 subscribers switch plans?

A4: Existing NEXT30 subscribers will be able to maintain their same plan or upgrade to NEXT35. However, for existing NEXT35 subscribers, they are only allowed to maintain the same plan.


Q5: How long will these offers remain in customer’s Box of Surprise?

A5: These offers will be available for 30 days from 2 March 2021 in customer’s Box of Surprise.


Q6. Is there any speed cap for Unlimited YouTube and Unlimited Social features?

A6. Yes, the Unlimited YouTube and Social feature is subjected to Digi’s fair usage policy


Q7: What numbers can be dialed with the bundled Unlimited Calls to all networks?

A7. Unlimited voice calls to both Digi numbers and all other networks, including fixed lines (excludes video calls, calls to special numbers, 1-300 numbers, and 121 numbers) within Malaysia.


Q8. Who is eligible to buy Digi Prepaid NEXT?

A8. Any new/existing prepaid subscriber are is eligible to buy Digi Prepaid NEXT.


Q9. How much does it cost to buy a Digi Prepaid NEXT pack?

A9. Digi Prepaid NEXT pack costs between RM15  and RM45 of up to 40GB and comes with bonus offers such as Unlimited Social or Unlimited Calls.


Q10. What is the validity of a new Digi Prepaid NEXT pack?

A10. Your Digi Prepaid NEXT pack is valid for 30 days.


Q11. I am an existing Digi Prepaid Subscriber, can I switch to Digi Prepaid NEXT?

A11. Yes, all Digi Prepaid Subscribers can convert to Digi Prepaid NEXT. To change your plan, just dial *128*88#. Please note that for any change of plans, previous internet subscription and free data will be reset.

Thinking of switching to a Prepaid plan? Here’s everything you need to know before changing your current plan.
Annotation 2021-03-02 113227.jpg

Q12. How do I subscribe to a Prepaid Next Plan?

A12.You may subscribe via MyDigi and find the how-to guide to purchase add ons here. Alternatively, you can visit our Digi Store online here 


Q13.Is the Prepaid Next Plan auto-renewable?

A13. Prepaid Next Plans are non-renewable, hence at the end of the 30 days, subscribers will need to re-purchase your favourite Prepaid Next Plan.


Q14. What Prepaid Next Plans are available?

A14. Please refer to the table below


  • 3GB Truly High-Speed Internet
  • Unlimited Social
  • 30-Days Validity (Always Active)


  • 15GB Truly High-Speed Internet
  • 30-Days Validity (Always Active)

Next35 (Best Value)

  • 30GB Truly High-Speed Internet
  • Unlimited Calls
  • 30-Days Validity (Always Active)


  • 40GB Truly High-Speed Internet
  • Unlimited Calls
  • 30-Days Validity (Always Active)


Q15. Can Reloads extend validity?

A15. Yes, reloads can extend your Line validity.


Q17. Can On-Demand Internet extend validity?

A17. Yes, On-Demand Internet now comes with Always Active and can extend both Line & Internet validity.


Q18. Can Monthly Plan Booster extend validity?

A18. No, the Monthly Plan Booster follows the expiry date of your Monthly Active Plan.


MyDigi FAQ

Q1. Where can I buy, manage and reload my Digi Prepaid NEXT?

A1. The best platform to buy, manage and reload your Digi Prepaid NEXT is through MyDigi app which you can download via Google Play or  App Store.


Q2. I have signed up to MyDigi via digi.com.my, Will I be eligible for the 1GB Welcome Gift?

A2. No, the 1GB Welcome Gift is available only via MyDigi app, and it is not available via website or UMB.


Q3. What is the redemption process on claiming the 1GB Welcome Gift?

A3. You will need to download and register via MyDigi app. After registration, key in the promo code “1GB” to redeem the 1GB Welcome Gift.


Q4. How do I check if my 1GB Welcome Gift is already in my Internet quota?

A4. To check, please go to MyDigi app > Internet (Swipe left once on usage screen) and click on ‘View Details’ to view more info.


Q5. Can I get any Credit Rebate when reloading?

A5. Yes, when you reload a minimum of RM30 via MyDigi app, you will receive a 10% credit rebate


Reload Bonus

Q1. What are the Reload Bonuses that Digi Prepaid NEXT Subscribers can enjoy?

A1. Digi Prepaid NEXT Subscribers can get free 100 mins of Digi-to-Digi calls per week upon a minimum reload of RM10. In addition, subscribers will also get up to 60 mins IDD calls/week for free.


Q2. If I reload more than RM10, can I get more than 100 mins free Digi-Digi calls?

A2. No, the maximum you can get is 100 mins / week only.


Q3. How do I redeem the Free 100 mins Digi-Digi Calls?

A3. No redemption is required for this promo.


Q4. What are the free minutes & participating countries for this Reload Bonus (IDD)?

A4. Please refer to the table below,







Myanmar (Telenor network only)





Q5. If I reload more than RM10, can I get more than 60 mins free IDD calls?

A5.  No. the maximum you can get is up to 60 mins IDD calls / week only.


Q6. How do I redeem the Reload Bonus (IDD)?

A6. You may redeem by dialling *888*1# or MyDigi app’s inbox


Not looking for what you are looking for? Find more info here 

by Member
on ‎24-06-2020 12:49 PM

Saya tukar DIGI NEXT, macam mana nak tukar ke DIGI LIVE? Dah cuba dail *128*1*4# xde option dekat situ.

by Support
on ‎24-06-2020 04:16 PM

Plan Digi Prepaid NEXT tidak ada pilihan untuk bertukar ke plan Digi Prepaid yang lain buat masa ini, Fatin159.


by Member
on ‎25-06-2020 10:41 AM

kalau call centre pon masih xboleh buat penukaran ke?

by Support
on ‎25-06-2020 11:46 AM

Ya, Fatin159. Sama juga penukaran tidak dapat dilakukan :-(

by Member
on ‎26-06-2020 10:10 PM
sampai bila tak boleh tukar pelan nii??
by Member
on ‎27-06-2020 09:24 PM

Macam mane nak tukar dari  pelan  digi next kepada yg lame??

by SuperUser
on ‎28-06-2020 03:06 PM

Hai ainul_13. Pelan cuma boleh ditukar ke Prepaid Digi Monthly Plan 28 dan Postpaid plans.

by Member
on ‎01-07-2020 12:35 PM

Ada cara tak, nak tukar balik ke plan live tu?

by Support
on ‎01-07-2020 01:54 PM

Selepas penukaran ke Digi Prepaid Next, anda tidak dapat tukar semula kepada pelan lama ya. Tetapi, anda boleh dial *128# > Akaun Saya > Pelan Panggilan > Tukar Pelan ke Digi Monthly plan RM28. Jika anda sedang melanggan sebarang pakej internet sekarang, sila habiskan dulu baki kuota yang ada ya. Penukaran plan akan membatalkan langganan yang ada dan baki kuota akan terhapus sekali. Terima kasih.

by Member
on ‎02-07-2020 01:21 AM
2020 already Cili Padi Unlimited youtube still 2years before 1mbps speed cap?? buy this plan life without youtube feelgoodman
by Support
on ‎02-07-2020 09:12 AM

Hi Rechew. From time to time, packages will be revised. If there's some changes, we'll amend the available info ya. TQ.

by Member
on ‎04-07-2020 11:48 PM

Alah digi. Sya nak balik call plan sy yg dlu. Sy tak nak digi prepaid next ni. Dahlah mahal kalau nak beli data. Lpas tu tukar ke plan ni data tu tak laju pu n😤 nak buka instagram  pn tak dapat. Takkan nak tunggu smpai 30 hari baru boleh on instagram!!!! Kalau mcm ni terus baik sy tukar pegi sim kad lain ajelahhh😡😑

by Support
on ‎04-07-2020 11:51 PM

Maaf. Memang buat masa sekarang jika anda telah bertukar ke Plan Prepaid Next tidak boleh tukar semula ke plan yang lama ya. Jika ada sebarang perubahan berkenaan ini akan kami maklumkan. Buat masa sekarang adalah seperti berikut. Terima kasih. 

by Member
on ‎11-07-2020 02:00 AM

Please digi, ikuti keperluan pengguna. Semakin lama semakin ramai yang protest. Please. Please sangat, bolehkan lah kami tukar ke Digi Live and Best balik. Digi next maybe baik untuk sesetengah pengguna. Tetapi untuk orang² yang kurang berkemampuan especially kami yang masi bergelar student, Plan ni terlalu mahal untuk kami. Harap pihak digi dapat mempertimbangkan suara pengguna. Terima Kasih. Kalau tak dapat pun, kami terpaksa beli sim baru

by Support
on ‎11-07-2020 10:16 AM

Kalau ada sebarang perubahan, kami akan ubah info yang ada ya Sword.

by Member
on ‎13-07-2020 06:47 AM
  1. Betul..mahal ni basic intrnt pn xlaju..apa pn xdpt buka..bgs lg prepaid live..nak tukar keapda prepaid live la please laaa..

by Support
on ‎13-07-2020 07:24 AM

Internet Basic percuma yang diberikan untuk plan Digi Prepaid LiVE dand Digi Prepaid NEXT mempunyai had maksima kelajuan 64kbps yang sama. Bezanya ialah LiVE diberikan dengan 500MB/bulan dan NEXT pula 1GB/bulan. 


Secara rasminya penukaran plan dari Prepaid Next ke Digi Prepaid Live atau Best Prepaid secara terus tidak dapat dilakukan. Cuma boleh bertukar kepada pilihan plan yang tersenarai dalam menu *128# di bahagian Pelan Panggilan sahaja. Kemudian boleh pertimbangkan untuk bertukar dari plan tersebut ke plan lain yang tersenarai pada bulan berikutnya.

by Member
on ‎13-07-2020 01:26 PM

Apa ni digi . Langsung tade option nak tukar . Ramai dah complain ni, takkan tade solution kot . I NEED MY PREVIOUS CALL PLAN BACK . digi NEXT lembab dah la mahal . Please make a solution for your customer immidiately . Need some option for others call plan !  Kalau camni ada harapan tukar sim kad baru jelah . Ur customer satisfaction will drop if theres no solution for us. Aiya

by Support
on ‎13-07-2020 01:32 PM

Hai Aedy000. Maaf, jika anda telah tukar je Digi Prepaid Next anda tidak boleh tukar semula ke prepaid plan yang lama. Jika ada sebarang perubahan akan kami nyatakan. Terima kasih. 

by Member
on ‎15-10-2020 01:36 AM

Tolong lah sya nak tukr balek lah,, langsung x bguna plan next ni

by Support
on ‎15-10-2020 08:11 AM

Selepas penukaran ke Digi Prepaid Next, anda tidak dapat tukar semula kepada pelan lama ya. Tetapi, anda boleh dial *128# > Akaun Saya > Pelan Panggilan > Tukar Pelan ke Digi Monthly plan RM28. Jika anda sedang melanggan sebarang pakej internet sekarang, sila habiskan dulu baki kuota yang ada ya. Penukaran plan akan membatalkan langganan yang ada dan baki kuota akan terhapus sekali. Maklumat lanjut, boleh layari link ni- https://community.digi.com.my/t5/Prepaid/FAQ-Digi-Prabayar-NEXT/ta-p/77604.

by Member
on ‎17-10-2020 08:18 PM

Hi, is there any option to online port in  for prepaid? difficult to go to digi center for now

by Support
on ‎19-10-2020 06:39 PM

DevRatna, we understand but at the moment, to port in to prepaid plan, u will need to walk-in to our outlets to proceed with the request.  U can check ou this link - https://www.digi.com.my/digi-store to check on the store and operating hours. Don't forget to bring along ur IC and conversion process is FOC

by Member
on ‎28-10-2020 11:30 AM

Hi, just now I see that "port in" option is available for "DIGI PREPAID NEXT".  but for the port in, there is only the option to use is "NRIC".  Can't we use our passport for "port in", can we?  It will be a lot easier for those non-malaysians who work here or study here and hold valid passports. 


by Support
on ‎28-10-2020 12:17 PM

Hi DevRatna. For non Malaysians, submission is via our outlets only. At the moment, online submission is not available. Thank you.

by Member
on ‎08-11-2020 03:36 AM

kenapa saya tekan *126# nak check balance,tapi tunjuk operation not allowed,padahal saya baru topup,tiba tiba jadi number tiada dalam service digi

by Support
on ‎08-11-2020 04:08 AM

kiro090, mohon semak inbox anda Smiley Happy

by Member
on ‎13-11-2020 09:05 AM

hai , saya ada buat pnukaran telco online melalui digi website "switch to digi" option dan dah dpt sim trsebut, tpi sya msih belum dpt msej dr my current telco provider, bila sya call hotlink dia kata pihak digi belum ada buat permohonan untk pnukaran telco. boleh ssiapa bantu ? adakah pmbelian sim online sya untk switch to digi tu stakat untk dpt sim shj?

by Support
on ‎13-11-2020 12:55 PM

Sila PM (https://goo.gl/SxGJMl) kami nombor telefon untuk semakan lanjut. TQ.

by Member
on ‎18-12-2020 11:28 AM

How do i get the receipt Im using prepaid and reloaded on 28th Nov. I need it to claim from company. Please help. Thanks.

by Member
on ‎18-12-2020 03:44 PM

Mana nak beli pek ini? 



stor digi?

dalam talian?

by Support
on ‎19-12-2020 09:41 AM

Please PM us via https://goo.gl/SxGJMl for further assistance. TQ.

by Member
on ‎21-12-2020 12:15 AM

Sekarang boleh suda ke tukar digi prepaid NEXT to digi prepaid Live? Sbb mahal sangat la plan digi NEXT ni. Tolong la sediakan option yg bole tukarkan plans asal semula.  Dahla  mahal sikit pula tu. Weeeeehh. Tolong la, mmng broke habis ni. Dahla musim pandemic skrng ni. Bajet dah la tak cukup. Aduuhhh

by Support
on ‎21-12-2020 12:34 AM

Lia20, setelah adma bertukar ke plan Digi Prepaid Next, anda sudah tidak boleh bertukar ke mana - mana plam panggilan prepaid yang lain lagi. Anda cuma boleh bertukar ke plan Monthly RM 28 dan plan Postpaid yang lain

by Member
on ‎27-12-2020 02:33 PM

How do I use promo code RM8 off with DIGIRM8 for NEXT35 plan ? Tiap kali beli terus deduct full amount, tk ada any reference untuk letak promo code pun. Sebenarnya promo code tu ada atau tidak ?? 

by Member
‎06-01-2021 05:56 PM - edited ‎06-01-2021 06:05 PM

How to re-subcribe to Digi Next 35 plan (40gb /30days) every month?

by Support
on ‎07-01-2021 03:19 AM

LTWong, u can resubscribe the package using ur MyDigi app Smiley Happy

by Member
‎06-03-2021 11:40 AM - edited ‎06-03-2021 11:41 AM

Can I use this Digi Next 45 plan for hotspot on my pc? if can, is there any speed limit for downloding or uploading?

by Support
on ‎06-03-2021 02:56 PM

Yes, the NEXT45 for 40GB support hotspot service. The high speed largely depends on various factors, such as coverage, the site's condition, a device used, etc. However, we promise to give a consistent internet speed of at least 5 - 10Mbps, 80% of the time and max up to 150mbps.

by Member
on ‎10-03-2021 08:12 PM

What's this Next28? I heard it has unlimited social and youtube - how come I can't see it on the website?!


Please provide more details on the product and how to subscribe please, thx

by Member
on ‎05-07-2021 01:31 PM



Hi, I am Digi Best Internet 2016 prepaid subscriber. I would like to switch to Digi Next 30 prepaid . How do i Do it? I tried *128*88# and only my call plan is there, there is no other plan option to choose. 

by Support
on ‎05-07-2021 04:47 PM

Hi Ruriko, You can change the plan to Digi Prepaid Next by dialing *128# >> My Account >> Call Plan >> Change Plan. Please take note that if you currently subscribe to the internet package, it will be auto-unsubscribed once the plan has been changed. So any remaining quota will be forfeited and there's no way to turn back to the old plan if the plan is no longer offered. TQ.

by Member
on ‎06-07-2021 04:33 PM

*128# >> My Account >> Call Plan >> Change Plan.


I follow this but when I choose a call plan, there is no option to choose change plan. Please Help me.

by Support
on ‎06-07-2021 05:21 PM

Can PM (inbox) us your phone number for checking?


Thank you.