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Random roaming charges.

MB1 Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎22-02-2018

Phone is perpetually off yet get charged. 


On top of the RM5 SMS subscribtion that is **bleep**ing people off to ask for refund every month, now comes this.


so what is the solution, ask customer to report and request refund on monthly basis? Might as well i terminate and switch to other telco. 



Re: Random roaming charges.

Super Contributor
Posts: 284
Registered: ‎02-06-2015
Hi i think u voice out few issues here,

First,rgards roaming charges when phone off, pls make sure all your voicemail, missed call alert or notification is deactivated before you go overseas. If not call directed to phone voicemail will get charged. Secondly, check when was voicemail charged as roaming, especially if you are landed in airport, does it charge, by right, it should not, but do happen. So pls call cs to resilve or waiver it.

If u need roaming, sub for roaming pass or roam like home. If use iphone, do use vowifi. But vowifi i never tested, as Digi dont want to support htc phone for volte and vowifi. It keeps saying is phone maker responsibility to turn it on.

Second monthly sms charfes, u need to find out who is actually charged u, then sms stop all etc to unsubscribe it.
If u switch to other telco, same thing happen.

Re: Random roaming charges.

Community Manager
Posts: 8,740
Registered: ‎20-04-2015

When your number manage to hook on to a foreign telco even for a few seconds (then the phone is switched off or SIM removed), future incoming phone calls are routed through the foreign telco. So when the device is off, foreign telco does call forwarding back to Malaysia to reach DIgi voicemail, hence the misunderstanding that there is roaming charges. 

Best way to avoid is to turn off all voicemail or call forwarding, or to subscribe to proper roaming packages. Otherwise, disconnect the SIM card while the user is still in Malaysia, not upon landing to the foreign country.

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