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Poor Network Coverage

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎05-09-2015
I experiencing a very bad network service in Jalan Pandan Indah 1/14, and bad customer service as well.
Since 2014 Nov ,I had call to customer service help to report this issue more then 10 times. Until today I still having this problem, can't receive or make call in indoor or sometimes even outdoor, the line will switch very fast from LTE , H+ , H , E , G or empty. It show emergency call only. Even u have H+ or H, can't make call or internet suffering, data will not running or snail speed, but it will be better signal @ 3am-6am, I have 3 digi line and device in here, im pretty sure not the device problem. Even all my neighbors facing this problems too. I hope operator will take a concern to this problem since we are paying few hundred ringgits and get kind of service every month. Thank you

Re: Poor Network Coverage

Community Manager
Posts: 834
Registered: ‎13-04-2015

Hi Texon,


On 5th July 2015, our Customer Service team responded to you email and requested for additional information.

Kindly revert on below details to our Customer Service team custsvc@digi.com.my to lodge a case for you.


1. Full location address of the area (with the postcode).
2. Error Message. (If any)
3. Signal strength.
4. Problem occurred indoors or outdoors?
5. Alternate contact number.
6. Short description of the issue.
7. Hand phone model.
8. Mobile Number
9. Have you tried to swap the sim into a different phone?


Thanks and have a great day!

Have a g8 day!

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