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MNP Port Out Failure

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Registered: ‎01-10-2018
I have requested to port out on 9/29 Saturday morning thought C telco. Together with me have 1 main line and 2 sup lines.

1. 9/30 Sunday morning SMS was sent to 2 numbers instead of 3 numbers. And the port out request was unsuccessful.

2. 9/30 Sunday night 9.30pm I called C telco for port in resubmission. SMS were received at 10/01 12.05pm to 12.07pm on 3 phone numbers. 3 all replied Y but one of the number received back the message said it was unsuccessful pls call Digi.

3. I called and asked why. Agent told me changed Sim card to another phone and tried again before the request was get rejected. I tried changed the simcard into another phone replied with Y again but still receive the sms said it was unsuccessful.

4. 10/01 1.30pm using live chat I asked how was my request since I replied quickly on time with Y but still said it was unsuccessful. Agent asked me to be patient and wait another 5 hours for the outcome.

5. 10/01 5pm using live chat I asked about the status and agent told me outcome will be out by 8.30pm. Ridiculous.

6. 10/01 6pm I received sms like below. It was untrue because I responded all but Digi rejected me.

Sorry, your request was rejected. One or more phone lines did not reply to our
SMS Validation. Please call 0162211800 for help

7. 10/01 6.10pm as soon as I received the reject msg I called C telco to resubmit again. And now waiting.

My parents are using my sup line and not really know English. I rushed back lunch time just to make sure all 3 numbers got to reply Y within timeline. Guess what. I need to repeat same scenario again and again and TRY MY LUCK not to get rejected.

Digi, can MNP more user friendly for those holding more than 1 line?

I have to pray hard tomorrow I got to rush on time to reply the Y and not been rejected with no reason.