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How to check if your transaction is successful?

by whysee SuperUser on ‎06-10-2016 06:09 PM - edited on ‎25-05-2017 11:07 AM by Marshie SuperUser
  1. Log in via MyDigi on your desktop
  2. Click on “Store and Orders”
  3. Check on your Payment Status:

(If payment is successful, it will say “Payment successful”. If it fails, it will say “Payment Failed”)


transaction (old).PNG

by Summer_foo Member
on ‎03-11-2016 09:33 AM



I order  a phone device yesterday. but i dint recieve email until now.

under Store and Orders did not show any record.


my transaction number is 16110216378889

hope got somebody reply me asap.


by hatemaqil Member
on ‎13-05-2017 05:54 PM

Hi Digi Team.....

I ordered Digi Prepaid Live ....but its already a week does not receive any consignment note number...

So how can i track the delivery?

this is my transaction number 17050714589991  and my email is thehatem57@gmail.com

Please ...i really need the sim ASAP

by Support
on ‎14-05-2017 10:12 AM

Hi, @hatemaqil.


Based on the transaction number, the consignment number is 4750251516 and it has been delivered.

More info on the tracking status over here https://goo.gl/cQVgRU


Do PM us should you need further clarification/assistance k.


Thank you.

by Summer_foo Member
‎15-05-2017 09:10 AM - edited ‎15-05-2017 09:11 AM

Hi @Digi_Kobi

I purchase iphone 7 since oct 2016, until now i still not yes receive tax invoice.

call to help line , ask me wait 2-3 working days.

email to help@digi.com.my few time dint get reply.




Please resend  the tax invoice to my email .