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Digi Yellow Heart: A Lifetime Rebate for Malaysian Senior Citizens

by Community Manager ‎15-10-2019 06:28 PM - edited ‎15-10-2019 10:10 PM

Hey subscribers! 


Here's a little treat for all you senior citizen! Starting Sept 30 2019, Digi is offering a RM10 rebate to senior citizens age 60 and above who are under a postpaid plan! Life after retirement is now made better to all our eligible customers. All eligible customers will receive an in-app notification on their MyDigi app to activate this offer, which can be redeemede in the 'Box of Surprise' feature on the app. Rebates will be automatically reflected on the subsequent month's bill. 



Here's a step-by-step guide on how to activate this offer!


Step 1:                                                                                                                         Step 2:                                                          

 Look for Rebate offer  in Box of Surprise.                                 Tap on “CONFIRM" to subscribe to                        

 Tap on “GET” to redeem this offer.                                                 the rebate offer.                                                       

Capture.PNG                                     Capture.PNG 


Step 3:

Receive confirmation message and tap on "DONE".

Rebate will automatically be refelcted in  your next biil!




What're you waiting for? Click here to sign up now!




Q1. Who is entitled to this lifetime offer of RM10 rebate?

This lifetime rebate offer is only applicable to Malaysian Senior Citizen, aged 60 and above, by date of birth & year.

Q2. Where can I sign up for this offer?

Once you have reached your 60th birthday, you will receive the offer in your MyDigi app - Box of Surprise in the next 5 working days. To redeem the offer, you may click “GET” in the Box of Surprise and it will be automatically granted in your next bill cycle.

Q3. Do I need to redeem the offer on monthly basis?

All you need to do is to redeem for once (1) time only, and thereafter will be automatically granted into your Postpaid bill by your bill cycle.

Q4. How long is this rebate offered?

The rebate is for lifetime as long as you stay with Digi Postpaid plans.

Q5. What are the criteria required to be able to enjoy this offer?

The lifetime rebate offer will be applicable for all eligible customers based on your registered NRIC and/or Date of Birth with Digi.

Q6. Why is my bill showing a rebate less than RM10?

The rebate is likely to be pro-rated in your first bill as it depends on when you have redeem the rebate in your MyDigi app during the bill cycle. Rest assured that in your subsequent full month bill, a full amount of rebate will be credited.

Q7. Why am I not eligible even with a verified NRIC and/or Date of Birth with Digi?

  • Postpaid plans that has ZERO monthly plan commitment fee will not enjoy this offer. Example: Ambassador (basic plan).
  • Customers who have enjoyed OKU rebate are not able to enjoy Senior Citizen rebate


For more information, click here.