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Digi SmartPlan 65 : Unlimited Plan

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Registered: ‎13-01-2016



Saya berminat untuk melanggan pakej ini namun ada beberapa soalan ingin di sahkan:-


1. Data 3GB quota: selepas habis 3GB ?

    A) Sekat/Blocked Internet browsing.

    B) Boleh Browsing pada Slow Speed.


2. Unlimited Wechat/Whatsapp: Apa maksud unlmited di sini?

     A) Selepas habis 3GB quota masih boleh guna tapi pada kelajuan yang yang perlahan.

     B) Selepas habis Quota 3GB, boleh guna lagi pada kelajuan yang biasa (regular speed)

     c) Tiada guna 3GB quota sama ada sebelum atau selepas habis quota. sama laju mcm biasa.


sekian, wassalam


Re: Digi SmartPlan 65 : Unlimited Plan

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Registered: ‎05-08-2015

Bagi soalan 1, B adalah jawapan muktamad saya... Smiley Very Happy

From FAQ:

What happens when I exceed my monthly Mobile Internet Quota? Will I be charged for extra usage?

No, you will not be charged extra when you exceed your monthly Mobile Internet Quota. Your data service will be restricted until the next billing cycle. However, you may continue browsing via Opera Mini, or you can opt for Postpaid Internet Quota Top-Up to continue surfing the Internet at regular speed, subject to the relevant terms and conditions.



Bagi soalan 2, C.

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Re: Digi SmartPlan 65 : Unlimited Plan

Community Manager
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Even after you have exceeded your monthly Mobile Internet Quota, you will get to continue enjoying Unlimited Social Messaging via WhatsApp or WeChat at regular speed.


Source: FAQ at http://new.digi.com.my/postpaid-plans#More-Internet

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