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Digi PhoneFreedom365 Frequently Asked Questions

by SuperUser on ‎08-03-2019 03:02 PM - edited on ‎20-01-2021 10:39 AM by Community Manager


What is Digi PhoneFreedom 365?

Digi PhoneFreedom 365  is a new device programme that offers you an easier way in to enjoy the latest flagship phones. It is a device programme that comes with a (A) Digi Postpaid™ Rate Plan (“Mobile Service Plan”) and (B) a 24-month Device Instalment plan.

How does Digi PhoneFreedom 365 benefit me?

Compared to a conventional device programme, Digi PhoneFreedom 365 offers you the following:

  • No upfront payment - Walk away with a brand new phone without making a deposit or a single cent charged.
  • No interest charged - A monthly instalment scheme allowing you to pay off the phone price in 24 months.
  • No upgrade fee - Exchange your old phone with a new one at zero upgrade charges from Month 18 – 24.

Wouldn’t I be paying more with Digi PhoneFreedom 365 than buying the phone itself?

You would not be paying more than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) price. In fact, you would enjoy more value and flexibility with Digi PhoneFreedom 365 that is not available when buying the phone on its own. Digi PhoneFreedom 365 provides an instalment facility, thus saving you from an outright large payment. You can choose for an early upgrade at Month 18 onwards with zero upgrade charges by exchanging your old phone to a new one.

Will I enjoy 0 Upfront with Digi PhoneFreedom 365 during sign up?

0 Upfront is available to eligible customers based on a set of criteria, which includes a combination of tenure, payment history and usage, among others. For now, the only way to check your eligibility is to walk in to the nearest Digi Store or Dig Store Express.

Why do I need to pay device advance payment when I sign up to Digi PhoneFreedom 365?

Device advance payment is only applicable to those who are not eligible for the 0 Upfront feature of Digi PhoneFreedom 365. For now, you need to walk into the nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express to check your eligibility status.

Can corporate individual or SME lines sign up?

No. Corporate individual OR SME lines are not eligible to sign up for this programme.

Who is eligible for this Digi PhoneFreedom 365?

The programme is available for all Existing Digi Postpaid™ Customers. Walk into the nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express to check the offers available based on your eligibility. The following must also be met during registration:

  • Biometric thumbprint scan must match the NRIC thumbprint to qualify for registration.
  • Mandatory credit card auto-billing for credit card payment option (credit card must belong to owner). Credit card payment option must have mandatory auto-billing throughout the contract period.
  • Registrant must be a Malaysian citizen.

This programme will soon be made available for port-in customers and new customers. Stay tuned for updates via the Digi website.

Which Postpaid mobile offers bundled under Digi PhoneFreedom 365?

It comes bundled with the following 4 different Digi Postpaid™ Rate Plans:


DP 80 (with Gboost)

DP 120

DP 160

DP 190

Internet Quota

15GB All-Day

15GB Weekend

10GB YouTube

4080GB All-Day

70140GB All-Day

100200GB All-Day


Unlimited to all networks

Roaming & IDD across 10 Countries

RM15 monthly




5GB Internet Roaming + 60mins Roaming Voice Calls + 60mins IDD Voice Calls


Which phone models are available with Digi PhoneFreedom 365?

You can check the available phone models at our website http://digi.my/phonefreedom365.

How many months of monthly repayment fees do I need to fulfil under this programme?

You have to fulfil the 24 months’ monthly payment device price according to the contract. However, you may choose to upgrade to a brand new phone from Month 18 onwards with zero upgrade charges.

How do I upgrade to a new phone from Month 18 onwards?

You can only do so after you have completed the 17th payment (tier 1 phones) or 19th payment (tier 2 & tier 3 phones), and there is no other outstanding amount owed at that time. Just walk into our participating Digi Stores or Digi Store Express and select from any available phone model in the store after trading-in your old phone. Please note that your old phone is required to be in good working condition.

How do I know if my phone is in good working condition?

Our friendly staff at the participating Digi Stores or Digi Store Express will perform an assessment as to the working condition of your phone. You may refer to the Terms and Conditions listed herein http://digi.my/subscriptiontnc on the stipulated Good Working Condition Criteria. Digi has the absolute discretion to decide whether a phone in which you wish exchanged upon upgrade is acceptable or not.

What if my old phone does not meet the Good Working Condition Criteria set in the Terms and Conditions?

Digi will not accept the phone as a Returned Device for exchange. You can choose to continue to (A) complete your 24 months’ instalment and keep the phone till the end of your contract or (B) pay the Penalty and Processing Fees, keep the old phone and register for a new phone.

Do I get to keep my old phone after I have exchanged it with a new one?

No. Once you have agreed to exchange your old phone and upgrade to a new one under the Digi Device Subscription Programme, Digi will not return the old phone to you. Hence, please ensure that you have done the necessary full data backup from your old phone before surrendering it in exchange for the new phone.

Will I be able to retrieve the data stored in my old phone after the exchange?

No. Digi is unable to restore or retrieve any data from your old phone once the phone data is wiped / factory reset / upgrade transaction is completed. Please ensure you have performed a full data backup before you surrender the old phone to our Digi staff during your upgrade process.

If I decide not to upgrade at any time from Month 18  onwards, what will happen?

Should you decide not to upgrade at any point during your eligible upgrade period between Month 18 - 24, you can continue to complete your 24 months’ instalment and keep the phone until the end of your contract.

What if I cancel or terminate my line or my phone was lost/stolen during the contract period?

If you cancel or terminate your line or phone was lost/stolen before completing the minimum 24 months’ instalment period, you will need to pay a Penalty Fee, which is the remaining device balance price -- equivalent to [(RRP/24) x remaining months + admin fee]. Once you have paid the Penalty fee, you may then sign up for a new device with Digi PhoneFreedom 365.

Can I continue to stay on this programme after I have completed my 24 months’ instalment period?

You can continue to subscribe to your current Digi Postpaid™ Rate Plan once you have completed the 24 months’ payment for the Device Payment Monthly Price.

I am an existing Digi UP™ / Easy Up Customer.  Am I entitled to subscribe to Digi PhoneFreedom 365?

You are currently not entitled to join Digi PhoneFreedom 365 unless you have (A) completed the minimum contract tenure of 24 months’ instalments with Digi UP™ or Easy Up programme or (B) terminated from Digi UP™ and Easy Up programme. After which, we will have to run the eligibility criteria check as well as ensure that you have fully complied with the Terms and Conditions set out in Digi UP™ or Easy Up webpage.

Which plans on Digi PhoneFreedom 365 comes free with Digi Shield and how do I sign up for it?

The Digi Postpaid 190  plan comes free with Digi Shield on PhoneFreedom 365. You are automatically covered under Digi Shield once you sign up with any device on Digi Postpaid 190 with PhoneFreedom 365
What is covered under Digi Shield?

With Digi Shield, you can protect your devices with a mobile protection plan against accidental / liquid damage. Your device is protected from the moment you sign up.

What are the main benefits of Digi Shield with PhoneFreedom 365 on Digi Postpaid 190 plan?

You can enjoy all these benefits:

- If you accidentally damage your device, we will repair your device

- Door to door pick-up and delivery service for repair & replacement

- Free repair for Accidental Damage Cover or Liquid Damage Cover. No replacement fee needed.

What is not included under Digi Shield?

Your device will not be covered in the following scenarios.

- Damage caused by an intentional act

- Light and normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration of the device or any latent defects

- Accidental Damage where no actual known, or identifiable event or occurrence can be attributable to causing the damage to the device

Additional exclusions may apply. Please see the terms and conditions available at ADLD (new link) and Full Cover (new link) for applicable provisions.

Can I register for both Digi Shield and Digi Shield Plus for a same device?

1 device IMEI can only register for 1 Digi Shield program.

Can I upgrade to Digi Shield Plus if I sign up PhoneFreedom 365 with Digi Postpaid 190?

Yes you can but only at the point of purchase. Ask your friendly sales assistant while signing up and you can upgrade at a special rate of RM49/month.

What if I sign up on Digi Postpaid 80 (with Gboost)/120/160 with PhoneFreedom 365? Can I opt for Digi Shield?

Yes you can, ask your friendly sales assistant while signing up and you can choose from 2 options below

Digi Shield : RM39/month

Digi Shield Plus: RM69/month

How do I file a Claim?

Just call our customer hotline 03–92124314 from Monday to Sunday 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM (including Public Holidays) and a friendly customer service representative will guide you through the entire claim process. You will need to complete and submit the claims documents and may be required to submit additional documentation or information.

Where can I get more information on Digi Shield information?

For more information, please refer to Digi Shield product page at https://www.digi.com.my/promotion/phones/phonefreedom365/postpaid-plans/digi-shield