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Current phone plan

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎31-03-2016
have u ever consider previous customer feeling. i know it is new package which same price as previous package but with much better benefit.

it is fair to previous customer which just signed the package.

i m still in contract rm98 with 4gb internet and 300min call. but now is 7gb with unlimited call.

can digi give us a better explaination. i call to digi center and wish to upgrade to rm148 and enjoy the current package...is upgrade..then allow me to do so... but have to pay penalty and wave my upfront.

it is very unfair. i still and 1 and half year to go. please give us a better solution and stop telling me i m in contract. summore u r stoping me to upgrade.

please give me a better explaination .

Re: Current phone plan

Community Manager
Posts: 8,723
Registered: ‎20-04-2015

@chaoslee, thank you for your feedback and I understand your frustration. However, at the moment, because the cost, monthly rate and subsidised prices of the phone have been calculated for your subscription at the start of contract, changing the plan will breach the contract. Hence the newer plan cannot be made available to your account that has an existing contract. At least on the brighter side, technology is getting more worthy over time. If there are changes in this policy, we will be posting new terms and conditions on the website. Thank you for patronizing Digi.

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