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Billing Problem

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎25-08-2016

I have just switched to Digi recently starting, taking the  from August 2016. At the Digi centre, I was told to pay RM70+ to transfer to Digi and that would include of my first month bill, means I don't have to pay for the first month anymore . 


Now when I checked the bill online at MyDIGI, it shows that  the Amount Paid is RM -52.89.  The status is Paid anyhow. 

Billing Cycle Date: 12 Jul - 11 Aug

Invoice Period :12 Jul 2016 - 11 Aug 2016

Due Date: 11 Sep 2016


So now I am a bit confused. What does the RM -52.89 stands for? Do I need to pay it? Is it for month August?


#You may refer to the attachment for better understanding. Thank you

Digi Bill.png

Re: Billing Problem

Community Manager
Posts: 7,319
Registered: ‎20-04-2015

On your first month, your bill is prorated; you only have to pay for the days you have used the service. 


The -RM52.89 is stil excess in your account (after deducting the first cycle's prorated charges) and will be used to deduct on your future bills.  You do not have to pay anything at this moment.

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