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7 Ways to Enjoy 7GB of Data and Unlimited Calls (to all networks!)

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Registered: ‎07-05-2015

As you may or may not know, we recently launched our limited-time only postpaid plan, Digi SmartPlan 75 with – 7GB data and unlimited calls to ALL networks (yes, that’s right!)


In case you haven’t a clue what having 7GB of data means, we’ll share with you what 1GB of data constitutes (just an approximate, this depends on individual usage):



1GB equals…

Online gaming (e.g. Call of Duty, FIFA, DoTA)

40 mins

Posting photos on social media (e.g. FB & Instagram)

500 photos

Video calls on Skype & Facetime

3 – 5 hours

Sending messages on Whatsapp

1 million

Sending and receiving emails (text-based)

10,000 emails

Browsing web pages

40 hours

Streaming movies/TV shows

1 + ½ movies



 So, what CAN you do with 7GB of data and unlimited calls every month?


  1. So many shows, so little time!


Stream and watch TV shows or movies from wherever you are! With our iflix promo, you can get 12 months FREE subscription when you sign up with Digi SmartPlan 75. It’s a super easy, frictionless sign up – just make sure you’re connected to the Digi network.


  1. Take pillow talks to the next level



Unlimited calls to all networks means you can talk allllllll day long with your BFFs, and if hearing your bae’s voice isn’t enough, you can opt for a FaceTime/Skype instead, without worrying too much.


  1. Good game, well played

thumb up kid.jpg


Those high scores don’t come easy. Work those thumbs out and play anywhere you want. And, if you need an extra boost, just purchase via Google Direct Billing – and charge it to your Digi account.


  1. No wi-fi, no problem



We’re all too familiar with those balik kampung days – there’s no wi-fi. Before you start to get internet-withdrawal symptoms, tether your laptop to your phone and voila! Instant-fi.


  1. Download like a bawse

rainbow meme.jpg


Friends sharing photos/videos via Whatsapp? No problem! Boss sent a 10MB deck? No problem! Apps outdated? No. Problem. Need we say more?


  1. They see me scrollin’, they hatin’

peekin at phone.PNG


Social media eating up all your data? Well, now you have more. Keep on scrollin’, baby.


  1. The fun never ends

hills are alive.PNG


Even if you finish your 7GB worth of data, you’ll still be able to WhatsApp/WeChat, or make calls to anyone you like. As much as you want! With no extra charges.


Sounds too good to be true? It’s good, and it’s all true! Wait no longer, as the offer ends on 29 February 2016.

Need more info? Check out our FAQ here.


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