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Your Wifi Router is More Powerful Than You Think

by SuperUser on ‎22-12-2017 03:49 PM

Nothing is more important at home than good wifi - some say it keeps the family together! And thanks to some of the best routers, everyone at home gets to enjoy your network. Let’s see the fun things we can do with our home wifi routers!


Wider WiFi Range and Faster data transfers


Here’s an analogy. Your home’s WiFi coverage is like a rock that drops into a pool of water creating a ripple. The bigger the rock and splash, the bigger the waves and wider the range of the ripple. If you were to purchase a more fully-featured WiFi router, its WiFi radius and speed will be wider and faster than that of a simpler one.


In addition to that, many recent WiFi router models are equipped with both 2.5ghz and 5ghz bandwidths. Similar to cellular networks, the 2.5ghz band has slower data speeds which is catered for less demanding data consumption, while the 5ghz band allows for faster data transfers for large media consumption like streaming and gaming.



  1. i) Guest networks


Are you having guests over and don’t feel comfortable sharing your home’s wifi? Yes, you may run the risk of a tech-savvy “friend” exploiting your network, compromising the technological integrity of your home (who knows!).

Create a guest network. This will allow a small firewall containing your guests’ surfing needs with speeds and limits that will still keep the performance of your main wifi network remaining strong and steady.


  1. ii) Blocking Specific Explicit Content

Some content on the internet can be inappropriate especially for children; especially when they spend more time on personal electronic devices (like smartphones) as compared to shared ones like the television.


Configure your wifi router so that certain words or websites are completely blocked to users from your network.

not allowed

iii) Limiting usage for each device


In addition to firewalls and blocking content, you can even throttle speeds of users on your WiFi network. Many devices in a connected home use the WiFi network, so throttling can help with maintaining speeds for your main devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktops.


Other devices like wireless printers and IP/WiFi CCTV cameras will not need too high of a bandwidth. Try reducing the speed allocation for these devices instead.


  1. iv) Smart-en Your Old TV

    smart tv

Some of us may not need to buy new TVs because 1080p resolution is good enough and we may not want to fork out another sum of cash just to have smart TV features. How about getting something like an Android box or dongles for casting, instead?


These devices bring basic PC-like functions to your now “new” TV such as streaming videos and viewing photographs. For the most part, these devices will only require your smartphone as their remote controls.


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