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Stay healthy while gaming! Here's what you need to know.

by Community Manager ‎26-10-2017 10:46 AM - edited ‎26-10-2017 11:29 AM

If you think eSports is not a real sport, think again. Like every sporting activity, we know that eSports puts your strategy planning, endurance and accuracy to the test. Plus, gamers are also exposed to all types of harmful physical injuries that can restrict them from playing altogether, especially when they train for long hours before a competition.


So gamers, don't take your health and posture for granted. Here are some tips to stay healthy while gaming:


Take breaks


If you are hardcore into eSports, you will know that each moment of gaming involves a lot of focus and thinking that will eventually draining all of your energy. Be sure to take breaks in between your battles. Rest your eyesight by looking away from the screen for 5-10 minutes every half an hour.


Sit up straight

Sitting in a wrong position can cause strain to your joins and posture. Investing in a proper chair can also improve your sitting position. Consider the 90° rule where all joints on your body are positioned at a 90° angle. This should include:

- Head and neck to monitor

- Shoulders, elbows, and wrists to your desk

- Spine to pelvis

- Thigh to knee to shin

You can refer to the image below:



Wrist support

A PC gamer demands fast reflexes while having to remain in the same sitting stance for long periods of time. Most of the gamer’s weight will be focused at the hip and bum, as well as both wrists at the keyboard and mouse.


Consider using wristbands for support. This will ensure that the joints between your wrists and forearms remain as straight as possible and not at an awkward angle (that may result muscle inflammation leading to long-term aches).


Blue light filters


Monitors with wide colour gamut and high response-rate emit blue light that may not only affect your eyesight, but your sleeping patterns too which eventually deter your overall health. If you need to rack up your fragging points late at night, consider using a form of blue light filter light glasses for gaming. Most prescription glasses come with this option too, as a lot of our office jobs involve us using PCs and mobile phones often.


Keep everything at shoulder width

PC gamers enjoy the luxury of using both the keyboard and mouse as well as the traditional gamepad. However, we can keep our postures proper by having the keyboard and mouse at shoulder width to not strain the body too much. Gaming with the gamepad can further narrow the skeletal structure.


Eat right

Throw out the junk food and snack on healthy tidbits instead. Opt for nutricious snacks such as fruits, granola bars and lots of plain water  that will give you more energy to beat your enemies.


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