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Earbuds vs. Headphones: What's your pick?

by Community Manager on ‎04-08-2017 11:04 AM



Listen up! Are you an aspiring audiophile? Do you prefer headphones or earbuds? If you’re still deciding on which one to get, then here are the things you need to know before you buy your new pair.


Physical differences
Headphones are usually always with bands that are worn over the head while earphones are the little ones that fit in your ears. If you commute more often, it may be a good idea to use earphones as they are smaller and can be kept stowed away quickly. Headphones on the other hand can be more bulky and have less flexibility. On the flip side, most of today’s sets already come with in-line microphones that are usable for casual day-to-day use.

Bluetooth: inconveniences go out the window as you can hang your headphones or earphones over your neck if they are not in use.


Extra bass vs. monitors
This comparison is pretty straight-forward. It’s all about that bass! Before you make your decision, ask yourself, “Are you the type who enjoys your music casually or do you scrutinise and engineer sound professionally?”


If you are a casual user, you will be better off with headphones that are marketed with “extra bass” or “dynamic sound”. If you are an audio professional (or if you have the extra cash), you can almost never go wrong with a pair of monitors. You will love the sounds that you may have missed all this time using a ‘mid-range’ gear.

Bluetooth: If superb sound quality is your top priority, wired sets will give you better performance compared to bluetooth devices.


Noise cancellation
Do you really need it? We don’t think so.

Both headphones and earphones with this feature may not be worth your extra cash. Earphones will already cancel out some noise as their spongy buds follow the shape of your ear. Headphones, with their active noise cancellation, will drain the extra batteries needed to power-up this feature.


Moreover, it’s just not safe to completely block out the sounds of your environment; especially if you are walking alone. You should always be aware of your surroundings.


With these tips, you can now make your decision! Don’t miss incredible deals on exclusive accessories from now till 30 September 2017, available at Digi Stores nationwide. More info here.


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