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CXO Apprentice Programme: 5 Key Takeaways You'll Never Get Elsewhere!

by Community Manager ‎29-05-2017 11:01 AM - edited ‎29-05-2017 11:16 AM

CXO - The Adventure Retold Final_Andrea_Photo3.JPG

Digi’s CXO Apprentice Programme is now open for submission but let’s take a look at what the recent batch of apprentices experienced. Here’s Andrea's journey with Mr. Praveen Rajan, Chief Digital Officer of Digi. For more info on the programme, click here!


CXO - The Adventure Retold Final_Andrea_Photo2.JPG


So, what is it like to become a Padawan to the Jedi Digital Officer? I discovered 5 things:

1.  Time is money
Everyone is given the same 24-hours in a day and what you make out of it defines who you are as a person. Seeing how my mentor, Praveen Rajan made every second of the day count, inspired me to fully utilise my productivity level — be it on or off work. Time management is crucial and I cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in yourself as a young adult. Invest in learning new things: pick up a new skill, go hiking, sign up for online courses, travel solo, read a book, or learn a new language!


2. The importance of seeing things in a wider perspective.
There is a tendency for us to be myopic in our daily decisions and I realised the importance of taking a step back sometimes to review a situation in a holistic manner because every department works interdependently. Through this, I was able to connect the dots and realise the gaps for collaboration between each function and that made me contribute better at work.


CXO - The Adventure Retold Final_Andrea_Photo4.JPG

3.  Failure is an asset
Through every shortcoming, we learn invaluable lessons. At Digi, failure isn’t frowned upon and we are daring enough to take risks — even if we may fail. During my apprenticeship, I was blessed to have been a part of the winning Disrupt@Digi team where we spent two months to work on a digital product. Although the product did not take off in the end, we gained an amazing amount of experience.


4.  How much I love technology
I stepped into Digi-X with little knowledge about the technicalities of digital technology and now, with avid exposure and immersion into the team plus support from my mentor, Praveen, I speak code. I have even enrolled into an online course by Udacity and I’m on my way to become an iOS mobile developer.


5. My freedom to shape my own future.
Digi awarded us with an extraordinary opportunity to craft our own apprenticeship journey. However, growing up with familiarity towards structured learning, it came as a surprise when we were given this amount of autonomy to guide ourselves. But, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Today, I am so glad that I was able to craft my own career progression (with the help of my mentor, of course!) and I am confident that the choices that I have made today will bear fruit in the years to come.


CXO - The Adventure Retold Final_Andrea_Photo6.JPG

At Digi, you are truly given freedom in your scope of work and everyday we inspire each other to become better at what we do. It’s such a positive working environment where you just feel happy going to work everyday. When people ask me if I love my job, it’s a positive visceral response: “YES!”. I love everything about my job from the bottom of my heart and I wish everyone knew how amazing it is to work at Digi!




 For more info on the programme, click here!


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