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5 tips to keep your information safe

by Community Manager on ‎03-11-2017 07:30 PM

Smartphones these days truly are the windows to the world. So it’s important to take safety precautions when you are online and keep all of your information safe.


Enable 2-Step verification


Companies these days do their best to ensure that your online experience is as secure as possible. One of their methods is by making use of your mobile phone’s number to confirm your login, especially if they involve monetary transactions. 

To activate this service, try digging into the Settings menu of your e-mail service, video gaming platform, and blogging dashboard, and look for the “2-Step Verification” option. You will be prompted to enable this option by adding your mobile phone number.

Since your phone is almost always next to you, the chances of only you receiving your login confirmation SMS will always be at its highest possible.


Read the fine print carefully


Upon a successful transaction, your bank may send you a confirmation message via channels such as e-mails and SMS. In the worst case, we will have called up our bank to cancel that transaction because we may not have approved it. In this case, we may want to call up our banks to confirm this transaction.

Read carefully. Check the source number of the transaction SMS. Lots of these SMSes may contain contact numbers that look legitimate, but take the extra effort to reconfirm them. These notifications may be spammy and fraudulent, really.


Low-tech: deactivate your webcam

If you have a desktop webcam, unplug it from your machine. 
If you have a laptop webcam, paste an opaque sticker over it. It might sound funny, but the  ol’ skool technology works best. Even tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg uses this method.


Use RFID sleeves for your cards


When the new iteration of our Malaysian Identity Cards was launched, we were utterly amazed at how much technology one card carried. Its external plastic and print contained internals with microchips and prepaid toll card.  RFID sleeves for your cards such as this prevent wireless transactions by tapping these cards to payment machines. 


Fun fact: Your smartphone’s NFC system responds to your Malaysian IC. If you insert your IC into an RFID sleeve, your NFC will not respond to it.


Use Pen and Paper


Since we may own so many digital accounts these days, it is always safer to use different passwords as to not have your accounts compromised. But, how are we going to remember every single user name and password?


Write them down! Pen and paper are your friends. Keep them safe in a book. As they are not in the digital space, it will remain physically only in your bookshelf.


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by SuperUser
on ‎03-11-2017 07:49 PM

if you have to really write in on paper, please don't be so obvious as to write something like:

Digi website username: myusername

Digi website password: myDigiPassword





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