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Re: Why my upload speed is capped?

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Registered: ‎05-08-2015

@HSHL0483 wrote:

Slower upload is also an indicator of weaker reception signals or congestion at the base station at your place.


Download speeds also rely on the test server's traffic and CPU utilization.Even if you have excellent download speed but the test server is highly congested, you won't get good download results.


Thus upload speeds are better indicator or signal reception and line quality because your UE is doing most of the work sending the data back.

that's very true. i noticed that some local servers give better result than others. so, i usually fav that server. 

having said that, i prefer to use OpenSignal for testing as i find their results to be more realistic and reflective of my experience.

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Re: Why my upload speed is capped?

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Registered: ‎24-04-2017

OpenSignal is a nice mobile app. There's also one which is catching up with  popularity now called nPerf.




Android App here:



DiGi's sister company in Thailand, DTAC has dual 10Gbit test servers on nPerf. One located in Bangkok and the other at Samut Prakan which is a greater Bangkok metropolitan suburb.


Hoping that DiGi will host a 10Gbit test server on nPerf one day! It is very good test site which has a real time graph to display your actual speed over a period.It even has a web experience and video streaming test.


Comparably it is similar to OpenSignal in terms of features with many more features including a coverage map.