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How To Get Digi Wi-Fi

by Community Manager on ‎03-12-2018 03:18 PM - edited on ‎04-10-2019 06:16 PM by Community Manager

Ever needed internet connection somewhere really badly but was unable to find WIFI? Well you’re in luck, dear subscribers – Digi is rolling out Digi Wi-Fi

Always stay connected and save on mobile data at the places you frequent most! Guaranteed at 4mbps, Digi Wi-Fi is stable, secure, and faster than other public Wi-Fi. You can surf, stream or play as much as you want with unlimited data – that means you won’t have to worry about your internet quota! Plus, switch seamlessly between Digi 4G and Digi Wi-Fi for uninterrupted connectivity. Digi Wi-Fi has rolled out to 7,000 locations covering shopping malls, commercial areas, universities/colleges, tourist spots and more nationwide!

Hop on the Digi WiFi at the available locations before 31 October 2019 to enjoy our introductory packages!

To find Digi Wi-Fi, turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to the network Digi Wi-Fi (subjected to availability of Digi Wi-Fi at location). To connect to Digi Wi-Fi, simply select the package that best suits your needs. You will receive a voucher code via SMS. From here, you may also check your eligibility and balance as well.



To discover Digi WiFi from your MyDigi App, here are the steps;


Your Digi Wi-Fi package plan will be charged directly to your Digi bill. For Postpaid users,  it will be charged to your Digi bill, while Prepaid users will be charged via prepaid account balance. It's that easy-  pick a plan and you can start using Digi Wi-Fi immediately! 

Get connected now! For more information, visit http://digi.my/dwificomm

Digi WiFi FAQS

Q1. What is Digi WiFi?
A1. Digi WiFi is a great way to access the Internet without using your mobile data quota. It's available in selected buildings. 

Q2. What do I need to get connected to Digi WiFi?
A2. You need a wireless enabled device, such as laptop, desktop or smartphone, to be in range of a Digi WiFi hotspot and have a valid Digi WiFi voucher.

Q3. How do I get online with Digi WiFi?
A3. The process is super simple:
- Find a Digi WiFi Hotspot
- Turn on WiFi and connect to "Digi WiFi“
- Open your internet browser and browse to any web page
- Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase and activate your pass.

Q4. How do I know I'm in a Digi WiFi zone?
A4. Look for '_Digi WiFi' in your list of available WiFi networks. You can use our Hotspot Locator to find your nearest hotspot. Click here to find our nearest hotspot.

Q5. I'm having problems purchasing / activating a voucher.
A5. Currently, Digi WiFi is only available to Digi customers. Please ensure you have sufficient balance/credit to pay for your voucher. You need to have enough signal to receive the voucher code via SMS. If you're still having problems, please contact us at 0162211800.

Q6. I'm getting an error 'The voucher is expired'.
A6. Once you enter your phone number, we send a voucher code to your phone via SMS right away. This code is only valid for 10 minutes. If it's been longer than 10 minutes, your voucher will no longer be valid and you are not being charged. Please request a new voucher code.

Q7. I accidentally activated my voucher twice. Will I be double charged?
A7. You will only be charged once for each voucher purchase, regardless of how many times you try to activate.

Q8. I am not using Digi - I'm using another Malaysian or Non-Malaysian SIM. Can I still use Digi WiFi?
A8. Currently, Digi WiFi is only available to Digi customers. Please contact us and we’ll notify you once we launch to non-Digi customers.

Q9. I've lost my Digi WiFi voucher code. What can I do?
A9. Check your SMS to see if you still have the message we sent you. If you've already activated and paid for your pass, please get in touch and we can resend your code. If you haven't activated your pass yet, you can simply request a new code.

Q10. Can I use the same pass in more than one hotspot?
A10. Yes, if a pass still has validity, you can log in at a different hotspot with the same voucher code. Just click the Login button when you connect to Digi WiFi.

Q11. What speed will I get with Digi WiFi?
A11. We strive to deliver a minimum speed of 4mbps while on Digi WiFi, but the overall speed is affected by the number of customers using the service.

Q12. Is there a download limit?
A12. At this time, all our plans are unlimited download and upload quota for the duration of the pass.

Q13. How many devices are allowed on my account at a time?
A13. You can connect 1 device only with 1 WiFi voucher at a time.

Q14. How secure is Digi WiFi?
A14. Digi WiFi is provided in partnership with Telekom Malaysia and uses industry standard security to protect your browsing. However the connection from your device to our Hotspot is an 'Open Connection' so you should exercise the same degree of caution as you normally would when using the internet.
- Make sure you are connected to a legitimate Digi WiFi Hotspot.
- Check the website address and ensure it is encrypted (HTTPS) before submitting personal data.
- If using Apps such as Facebook, Maybank2u etc. ensure you are using the latest, legitimate versions.

Q15. How do I contact the customer support for Digi WiFi?
A15. You may contact Digi customer support.

Q16. Is there introductory price promotion permanent?
A16. No, this promo is only for limited time. Valid until 31st October 2019.