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Find out what's eating up your Internet quota

by whysee SuperUser on ‎27-04-2016 03:49 PM

Ever wondered which app consumes the most data? Check these out!


Streaming video

A prime data-hungry app! One minute on YouTube-quality video eats up 2 MB of data.



Tweets don't use much data, but if you follow a lot of people and click on links, data usage may increase.


Streaming audio

Another big consumer of data is audio streaming such as online radio or music apps like Spotify. If you’ve bought and downloaded a song, you can play it as many times as you wish without using up data.



Most e-mails are tiny in terms of data size; so you can send and receive e-mails all you want as long as they don't have large file attachments. The more attachments and photos you send and receive, the more data is used.



This is roughly the equivalent to browsing the web. Status updates won't use much data, whereas sending photos and viewing friends' pictures will use more. You can disable the auto-play option for newsfeed videos on a mobile network by tapping on the Options button in the Facebook app.



Sending and viewing photos both count toward your monthly Internet limit. As smartphone cameras improved, so does the photo quality, leading to bigger photo sizes that use up data.



Unlike satellite navigation systems, some navigation apps continuously load map details onto your device. They can consume a fair chunk of data to retrieve these images - up to a MB a minute. You're also likely to use maps for long periods of time when on the road.


Web browsing

Web pages vary widely in size, so data consumption will depend on whether you are visiting graphically rich sites (lots of moving images or streaming video playbacks) or text-oriented ones (less data usage). In general, surfing 10 pages a day will eat up about 100 MB per month.