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Your Halloween Horror Onscreen!: The Purge Movies (2/4)

by Community Manager ‎11-10-2019 08:13 PM - edited ‎11-10-2019 08:15 PM

Can you survive the night?

Week 2 of our October series, Your Halloween Horror Onscreen, is here! Last week we talked about the IT movies and how it was one of the most entertaining and closely written duology. This week, we got a franchise that seems to have solved all of society’s problems by allowing all of it to be legal in one night, The Purge.




The Purge (2013)

Like any good thriller, The Purge has a premise that keeps the audience sitting at the edge of their seat from the beginning till the end. Set in the year 2022, a new society has been born from the ashes of an economic collapse. Crime-free and with the employment rate at an all-time low, America has introduced an annual Purge, where annually for 12 hours through the night, all crimes including murder, rape and arson are all legal. 



The first movie follows the Sandin family that seems to have it all sorted out. Living in a safe and happy community, a house build with multiple safety gates and “systems” that can be turned on the prevent entry. But all goes haywire when their son Charlie opens the safety systems to try and save a stranger. 

The movie itself is a thriller-movie-goers’ dream. The movie focuses on jumpscares and intense music that brings the fight pitting the Sandin family and the purgers up a level. Even though it was filled with horror movie cliches, it still was a pretty successful movie.


The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

 Unless it’s a Batman movie in a Christopher Nolan trilogy, most sequels are pretty forgettable. Anarchy, while still had the same plot and premise tried to up the ante by bringing more people and more storylines to follow, making the movie itself confusing and all over the place.



That’s the problem when there’s no new premise to the storyline and you’re just basically using the same plot from the first movie, just switching characters. It was still an entertaining movie for thrill-seekers, but for others, you can just skip this one. 


The Purge: Election Year (2016)

 Third time’s the charm? Maybe. 

Set in a time much later in the future, Election Year pits a young senator who wants to get rid of the annual purge against a country and the original New Founding Fathers. 

Filled with more guns and knives than ever, the movie tries to move forward with it’s “purge” premise. As mentioned, the previous movie lacked a new change to the already old ideology of purge, there wasn’t anything different or new to bring to the plate. Election Year’s story totally changes all that by telling people that there is a way out, not just endless killing each and every year.



 In the end, the movie turned out okay. Obviously hitting box office numbers due to its popularity, but getting an average score on the majority of movie review sites. No Oscar here. 


The First Purge (2018)

 The start of it all.

The fourth movie in the franchise tells the story of the beginning of it all. A glimpse into the story and the behind-the-scenes of it all. The movie follows Dimitri, a drug lord, and his experience with the first purge and how he deals with it.



Personally, this movie was great. Maybe it was the whole government versus gangster vibe that came with the plot and rise of the movie or maybe it was the reasoning and understanding behind why the “purge” started. It builds off the first movie and gave it a storyline that was perfect from the beginning until the end. A perfect mix of intense moments and thrills. It’s probably the most favourite out of all of them 


Will There Be A Future Movie?

 There have been talks of a 5th movie to end the series by the director and writer of the movies, James DeMonaco himself. A date has been set, July 10, 2020, and it seems like it’s all but confirmed.


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NEXT WEEK: Probably The Largest And More Elaborate Universe In Horror…. The Conjuring Universe!

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