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Your Halloween Horror Onscreen!: The Halloween Series (4/4)

by Community Manager on ‎26-10-2019 10:20 AM

It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

The last week of October has arrived and soon will Halloween! Throughout this whole month, we’ve been going through different movie franchises including the Purge movies and the IT movies. This week, we celebrate the festival of spooks and treats by dissecting a man in a mask, holding a knife.





Before you guys start screaming at me for missing certain movies, the Halloween franchise has 11 movies. ELEVEN. And the timeline itself is all over the place. Just take a look.



There are some movies that didn’t even matter and reboots which didn’t last long enough to make a difference. So with that being the case, we’re just gonna be following along the main and longest timeline of the Halloween series.


Halloween (1978)

The beginning of a 17 year-long saga, longer than even the MCU. Halloween follows the story of Michael Myers, who 15 years after killing his older sister Judith, returns to his hometown to continue the killing spree.

Here’s the thing with watching old school horror movies, especially 70s horror movies, once you’ve seen how good a haunted movie can be. The production is literally how you expect a 70s horror movie to be. No ambience sound, except the single piano key being played non-stop, dun-dun-dun-dun, and an intense ringing tone that keep building until the scream of the girl rings in your ears. The scenes are grainy and slow, making you feel like either moment is separated from the other. But maybe that’s cause I live in the 21st century.



Other than that, the story itself is actually pretty thrilling if you can get past the bad production of the movie. Horror style back then wasn’t focused much on jump scares and dark space, rather it was the build-up that actually the movie actually focused on. Scenes where Michael slowly walks, with intense ringing in the background. I guess it was more of fear-inducing than shock.


Halloween II (1981)

You’d expect a sequel 3 years later to have the movie take place 3 years later too right? Nope.

Halloween II starts exactly where the first movie ending, with Laurie, Michael’s target in the first movie, being taken to the hospital while Dr Loomis continues to find Michael.

Even though critics gave bad reviews for the sequel, personally I felt it was still pretty good. It’s in this movie that we get to see the ruthless and merciless-ness of Michael Myers. The movie sets itself well for future sequels too, twisting the plot and saying Laurie was and is Michael’s younger sister from the first movie.

Production-wise, you can’t expect much to have improved in the span of 3 years. But if you’re expecting the movies to get better as time goes on, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.


Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)



No, I did not skip the 3rd movie. Yes, there was a 3rd movie. No, it did not do well.

The original plan was to have a new plot featuring new characters every Halloween season, which was what they did with the 3rd movie. Without going into many details, it did horribly in the eyes of critics. And that brings us to the 4th movie.

The was the beginning of the downhill slide for me. Here’s a bit of plot because I start diving into why I think the movie was bad. 10 years after surviving the fire in the 2nd movie, Michael Myers wakes up from a 10-year coma, to hunt down Laurie Strode’s daughter Jamie Lloyd.

When you start becoming so desperate to revive a franchise series that you bring in a whole new generation in the form of the victim’s kids, that’s when you know you’re making a bad movie. A 10-year gap from the ‘supposed’ prequel which was explained with what? A coma.

They should’ve just left Michael to die in the fire during the end of the 2nd movie.


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

“The poorest-performing film in the series.” Including the ones that are not in this timeline. That’s what they said. And I’ll have to agree.

It’s at this point where the series has nowhere else to go but to have Michael go on another killing spree and hunt down Jamie, the same girl in the previous movie which also has, wait for it, a physic link to Mike. I don’t even understand why they kept going with this series. Unless you’re a team of red armour wearing, giant round-shield holding, lightning-hammer-wielding individuals (ahem ahem MCU ahem), no series or franchise last well after ELEVEN years.

At this point, I felt like I was watching the same movie over and over again. You want my review for this movie? Read the previous section again.


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)


What more can I say about this series at this point? Honestly, before I started watching this one, I was already expecting another same old Michael Myers killing-spree. And after watching, that would’ve been okay. This was worse.

In the final movie of this timeline, the directors and writers try to reason out Michael’s need to kill and his ‘immortality’ by bringing in a storyline around a sorta religion or cult-following. The cult itself claims that there is a need to kill or sacrifice a chosen next-of-kin every Halloween in order to gain certain powers of sorts.

Honestly, this one was probably the worst out of all. Seemed like they tried to rush it way too quickly and the fact that they had reshoot after a bad private just goes to show how little they cause cared to write out a proper ending. And I’ll end it all with Rotten Tomatoes critical consensus “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers trades the simple, brutal effectiveness of the original for convoluted mysticism, with disastrously dull results.


Will There Be A Future Movie?

Not in this timeline no, but the rebooted 2018 Halloween already has 2 sequels planned for 2020 and 2021. And if you did watch the reboot, you’ll be able to hear Michael’s breathing in the post-credit scene, signifying that he is indeed alive.

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And that ends our October ‘Halloween Horror Onscreen’ series! If you’re still looking for more horror movies to watch, get all your favourite movie titles at MyDigi Subscriptions by EasyAdd. From action-comedies to Korean-dramas, you can get all your favourite movies and shows from different platforms like Viu, iFlix and Amazon Prime Video! Click here to find out more!


Happy Halloween everyone! Wishing everyone a spooky and candy-filled night! Don’t get scared! Smiley Wink

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