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Your Halloween Horror Onscreen!: The Conjuring Movies (3/4)

by Community Manager on ‎18-10-2019 06:13 PM

Everything you see in here is either haunted, cursed, or has been used in some kind of ritualistic practice.We’re back! The 3rd part of our Halloween Horror Onscreen has arrived! Have you guys been catching up on your horror-movie binge-watching? From killer clowns to murderous sins, this week’s article showcases a series that most of us are familiar with and is likely the most famous scary movies in recent times. 




The Conjuring (2013)

The beginning of franchise follows Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigate the hauntings of a home that has just been moved into. The 1st act of the movie acts as an introduction to the movie’s “haunting”. From the hide and clap game to the death of the family’s dog Sadie, the film sets up an unspeakable evil that sends goosebumps and chills up your back.



The movie then dives into the Warren’s investigation of the house. And if you’re a little mean evil spirit, it’s understood that you don’t want people investigating your business. The movie escalates abit quickly at this point, from sleepwalking to straight-up possession of the mom, Carolyn. 

In the end, Caroyln had to be held down as Ed performs an exorcism to get rid of the curse forever. The scene itself will leave you breathless. It’s fast, quick and doesn’t hold back. Even watching it again for this article, I was holding my breath for the most of it. The Conjuring sets up perfectly for the sequel, with a trinket room that the Warrens keep that contains items from different cases. To this day, I’ll say that The Conjuring movie will always be my favourite horror movie. 


 The Conjuring 2 (2016)

And with any successful movie, there will always come a sequel that disappoints. Before you start screaming in the comments about how wrong I am, I’m not saying the movie was bad. It just didn’t match up to how good the first one was.

The second movie felt more like a thriller rather than a horror movie, with Lorraine’s vision of Ed’s death playing a huge role in the film. The whole fake haunted house scenario created by the family’s daughter was a tad redundant in my opinion.



If you’re looking for a thriller movie with some jumpscare elements, The Conjuring 2 is fine. But if you’re looking for a pure horror film, skip the second movie.


Will There Be A Future Movie?

Already confirmed. Announced in 2017, James Wan’s will remain as the producer while The Curse of La Llorona director Michael Chaves will take the challenge of handling one of the main films. The movie is set to be released on 11 September 2020, so keep your eyes out for a trailer maybe early next year. 


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NEXT WEEK: Bring out your favourite costumes and pumpkin baskets cause it’s time… The Halloween Franchise!

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