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Your Halloween Horror Onscreen!: IT & IT Chapter 2 (1/4)

by Community Manager on ‎04-10-2019 07:04 PM - last edited on ‎18-10-2019 03:08 PM by Community Manager

The month of candy and scares has arrived! October! 

Yes! It is that time of the year where costumes and candy combine to bring you…. HALLOWEEN! Though in Malaysia, no one actually celebrates this spooky day. There’s no trick-or-treating, nor is there pumpkin carving. At most, there’s the occasional Halloween costume parties. 

Though we don’t celebrate Halloween in our neighbourhood, we still have the thrill and excitement of different horror movies and franchises to keep us on our toes and entertained! So for the month of October, we’ll be taking a dive into the different horror universes in our screens that keep us hidden under the blanket late at night.


THIS WEEK: IT & IT Chapter 2


IT (2017)

Ah, the look of a creepy person in clown makeup. Why is it that something that’s mean to make kids laugh and smile can actually look so evil and scary? At least the “Mekdi” Ronald McDonald ain’t tryna kill you. 

The IT franchise follows the lives of The Losers Club, a group of 7 preteen children who encounter “IT” as Pennywise in 1958 and also 27 years later in 1985, while also facing their own personal demons. 

From the iconic red balloon to the yellow raincoat under the rain, IT is a movie filled with memorable moments all around. The opening scene, where Pennywise appears to Georgie, sets the mood for the entire movie. Pennywise’s voice when he says his first words “Hiya Georgie!” sent a sharp tingle into all that watched.




But the iconic movie moments don’t stop there. There’s the projector shuttering scene where Pennywise appears in the frames, to Pennywise eerily dancing like a maniac when Beverly wakes up after being abducted. Make no mistake, IT was a masterpiece in horror moments.

And what a job Bill Skarsgard did as Pennywise. His movement, his voice, his expressions. He created an imagery of a clown that even adults would be scared. He even caused some of the child actors of The Loser Club to be ACTUALLY scared of him. If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is. 


IT CHAPTER 2 (2019)

Because the 2nd chapter is still technically in cinemas, we’re not gonna dive in much into the story of the movie.

Chapter 2 follows The Loser Club again, 27 years later, when they’re all grown up, returning to Derry to end things once and for all. It follows very closely to the book, for those that haven’t read it, Chapter 2 links very well to the events of the first movie.



And while most of it remains the same, the movie turns it up a notch with its effect and scary moments. You still see the characters facing the same inner demons as the first, and it’s ultimate resolution towards the end. 


Will There Be A Future Movie?

Probably not. For those that have read the book and have watched Chapter 2, you know it was a perfect ending. A third movie would just spoil everything they have worked for. But you’d never know. Maybe a prequel of Pennywise’s previous encounters before he met The Losers Club might be interesting to watch?


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NEXT WEEK: A world where every year, for a 12-hours period, all crimes including murder are legal… The Purge Franchise.

by Member
on ‎06-10-2019 08:37 AM



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