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Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character is Your Friend?

by Community Manager ‎13-03-2021 10:11 AM - edited ‎13-03-2021 10:13 AM



So no one told you life was gonna be this way- beautiful and fun again. A “Friends” reunion is happening really soon! After countless times of postponing the programme, it’s now official that they will start filming in April! 


Up till now, it's not difficult to meet at least one person who isn’t obsessed with the six friends in New York City, which has become one of the BIGGEST pop culture references in our time. It’s also undeniable that one of the many reasons we love friends so much is because the characters are funny and relatable! So let’s get down to it- can you name a friend who resembles each of the characters?


Monica: The Social Butterfly


Monica is truly a social butterfly who loves spending time with her friends and just being there - anytime, anywhere! We all know someone exactly like her, someone you can definitely rely on for planning and hosting weekly meetups. Besides that, it’s no surprise that you might end up seeing them pretty much everywhere. And it’s also a no brainer that during the meetups, they’d always go up to people to say ‘hi’!  


Rachel: The Fashionista


Styling up to trend? Having the latest tops and bags from Shein’s, outfit changes to fit every occasion, especially where OOTD is a must? We all have that one friend who is extremely fashionable and in trend, ALL. THE. TIME! How do they manage?! Rachel is that person in the group that cares about the fashion trends and appearance, and we’re sure you know one too. 


Ross: The One Who is Always MIA


Do you have a friend who is just, so… sus? They’ll always manage to make us truly believe that they’re going to show up to the gathering and 10 minutes before it starts they’ll again, without fail- update the group chat with a “Sorry guys, cannot make it. Next time ah?” And with that follows swift updates on their Instagram stories of food pics. Why are you doing this to us? Where are you? Will we ever know? Sigh.


Speaking about being sus, you can discover how to be the best crewmate/impostor in Among Us with GG Bersama Digi here


Phoebe: The Innocent One



When you were a kid, did you believe in Santa Clause and got super excited for his visit at the end of the year? That’s what Phoebe believes in too, but that just shows how pure-hearted she is! She’s also your ultra friendly, sympathetic pal who is also the type of person that believes in everything we tell them. These friends can also be the most supportive ones too when you want to do something. That’s what makes them so loveable and fun to have around! Can you think of someone who’s just like Phoebe?


Chandler: The Sarcastic & Witty Friend


Have you ever had that one friend that points out the obvious and throws sarcastic remarks at you EVERY SINGLE. TIME they have the opportunity to? Yet we still laugh and love them anyway? If you know a person that loves to say funny and possibly the darndest things, even (or especially) when it’s an inappropriate time, they are definitely a reflection of Chandler. But hey all is good- that’s what makes the group alive and different!


Joey: The Foodie


The best person to go to when you’re feeling like having a meal at any time of the day or just looking for some good eats. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, dessert- you name it! Best part is, they’ll always be there for you as long as you have food to lure them with. So when you have your errands to run and just need a friend around, all you need to do is text over a “What do you feel like eating? I’ll pick you up!” 


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