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What Happens When Keanu Reeves Jumps Into Other Universes?

by SuperUser ‎21-06-2019 05:53 PM - edited ‎21-06-2019 06:01 PM

So far, it seems as if 2019 is all about Keanu Reeves!

He seems to be in every movie and every screen! At first he appeared in the release of the 3rd John Wick movie John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. Then he became the voice of the danger stuntman, Duke Kaboom in Toy Story 4. Then he appeared as HIMSELF in the Netflix exclusive Always Be My Maybe! And perhaps his most surprising appearance this year has been in the upcoming CD Projekt game Cyberpunk 2077 as Johnny Silverhand!

And there might be more coming from the intriguing man himself. With rumours of Marvel trying to tie him down for a role in one of their next movies, we can only imagine him next to Spiderman in a fight against evil!

So we decided to see if he’ll fit in any other franchise and movie universes. Let’s see what happens when Keanu Reeves appears in...


1. Marvel Cinematic Universeavengers Keanu.png

Keanu Smash!

Okay. Maybe not as a giant green ball of anger management issues. Sorry Hulk, at least you’re a professor now. But in a universe already filled with huge blockbuster acting stars and unlimited storylines to go on, we think we’re definitely going to be seeing Keanu in a superhero costume.


2. Wizarding World

Keanu Harry.png

You’re a wizard, Keanu!

As much as he may pull off as everybody’s favourite professor, we would still want Keanu as a student at Hogwarts! A natural Gyrffindor and maybe even a seeker in Quidditch, he’d be great friends of the fabulous trio. He may seem like an introvert, but there’s no doubt he has the courage of Neville Longbottom. Our guess is that his Patronus would be a scruffy dog.


3. DC Extended Universe

Justice League Keanu.png

A Justice League led by John Wick.

Even though Marvel is currently in talks with him, that won’t stop us from imagining Keanu with the rest of the Justice League. What if he plays his old DC character Constantine in a team up with Wonder Woman and the gang? That’ll give Marvel a run for their money.


4. X-Men

xmen keanu.png

“You’re not alone, Keanu”

With Marvel getting back the rights for the X-Men characters from Fox, a role for Keanu in the movie franchise is not that far-fetched. There are also rumours that he might be the new Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman being done with the character. He may be able to bring his time-slowing powers from the Matrix into the X-Men!


5. Star Wars

keanu star wars.png

Keanu, I am your father!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Keanu loved his wife Padme. So much that he tried to prevent her death. But in doing so, he accidentally killed the dog he loved. Filled with rage and anger, he decided to abandon his wife. To live a simple and lonely life, wearing nothing but dark black suits.


6. Middle Earth
Keanu LOTR.png

Keanu, you shall pass!

“One does not simply walk into Mordor” unless you’re Keanu Reeves. A journey across Middle-Earth to the depth of Mount Doom seems like an easy task compared to what John Wick has endured. Plus with his humble personality, we doubt he’d get tempted by the ring.


So which movie universe are you excited for him to join? Get ready to swoon and discover more of Keanu Reeves with Digi #FreedomToInternet here!

by Contributor
on ‎22-06-2019 01:57 PM
can try deepfaking into universe of lgbt..like in a hotel room..with 2 guys..for eyes of his ardent fans only.
by Member
on ‎23-06-2019 05:23 AM

5 or 6 appears to suit his personality. I may be wrong

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