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Water You Know About Water?

by SuperUser ‎19-07-2019 04:56 PM - edited ‎19-07-2019 05:33 PM

Another month, another water disruption.


This time Syabas has reported that several areas around the Klang Valley will be affected by the disruption, which will start from the 23 - 26 July 2019. The disruption is planned to better facilitate upgrade works for a Water Treatment Plant. You can check out all the affected areas here.

The previous water disruption we experienced was as recent as in June, with majority of Petaling and Sepang areas running dry due to an odour pollution. With reports of up to 3,000,000 people being affected, there were even houses that had no water supply for 5 days - yikes!



No need to shower?

With water disruptions about to take over Selangor next week, we take a look at how much water we actually use, and how much of it is actually being wasted.


You can drink water anywhere… right?

Over 70 percent of the world is water. That means we have a lot of water to drink right? Nope. Technically we only have around 1%.


Only 1 percent?!

Yep. You read that right. 1%.

That’s because the majority of the planet’s water is actually unfiltered and not clean, therefore not drinkable. And a lot of it is frozen and stuck in polar ice caps and glaciers which would take a long time to collect. 

Such a small amount of water for over 7 billion people to share.


Turn your taps off when brushing your teeth!

brushing teeth.gif

Brushing twice a day, keeps the dentist away!

Did you know, you waste close to 20 litres of water a day if you don’t turn off the tap while brushing your teeth? 20 litres a day is 600 litres of water A MONTH! A bit more and you would be able to supply a whole family for more than 2 months!


A small drip slowly turns into a sea.

A drop of water might seem like nothing, but when it keeps dripping endlessly, that nothing will eventually become something.


Drip. Drip. Drip. 

If you don’t turn off the tap properly, that’s nearly 20 litres of water wasted in a day. With that amount, you could fill up two whole dispensable water containers!

Always check your water taps after brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. Make sure it’s properly turned off and if there’s a leak, it’s time to call the plumber. It may seem like a small amount but that small amount will eventually turn into a giant pool if you’re not careful. 


Take time to always appreciate how easily available water is. Share this knowledge with your friends a with Digi biGBonus now!


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