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Unexpected Collaborations That Turned Out AWESOME!

by Community Manager ‎25-09-2020 03:59 PM - edited ‎25-09-2020 04:00 PM

It’s no surprise that brands are constantly working together, collaborating and creating cool and exciting products, merchandise and even online swags that’ll have you wanting for more! This week, we’re listing down some of our favourite partnerships that are totally unexpected, yet awesome:

PUBG x BlackPink

Recently, PUBG announced an official collaboration with BlackPink. Yes. The BlackPink. At this point, not much has been revealed yet. Fans have been speculating that maybe players will be able to use the singers as playable avatars, and even make up line - we’re soon to find out.


Blackpink resize.png


Travis Scott x McDonalds

What do you get when you mix one of the biggest artists in the world right now with one of the most iconic fast-food chains? The Travis Scott Cactus Jack Meal


Travis MCD.jpg


A combo meal that merely consists of Travis’ favourite McD picks, the collaboration made headlines when the fast food chain reported that it had sold out all of their Quarter Pounder Cheese hamburgers in just two weeks!


KFC x Pestle & Mortar

Here’s a local collaboration for streetwear fans!



Working with KFC Malaysia, Pestle & Mortar created designs that pay homage to the fast food chain's history in Malaysia. With icons featuring our local KFC slang 'Kepci' and also illustrations of famous KFC branches around the country, the line allows people to experience KFC cara Malaysia, or KFC the Malaysian Way. A personal favourite of mine which also shows how creative Malaysians can be.


dUCk x Lat

A childhood favourite, bringing nostalgic memories of our wonder years is the Malaysian icon Datuk Lat! Or more specifically, cartoonist Datuk Mohammad Nor Mohammad Khalid. Famous for his graphic novel, The Kampung Boy, his work illustrates the day-to-day life of our Malaysian world.


duck x lat.PNG


In conjunction with this year's National Day which happened a few weeks back, dUCk, a local lifestyle brand founded by Vivy Yusof, has worked closely with him to create a line that features his unique illustration on their products. From scarves, lipstick, shopping bags, pouches, mugs and notebooks, these products give light to our culture and roots in Malaysian traditions.


Nat Geo x Vans

Whether it's discovering the Titanic wreckage or leading an expedition to the summit of Mount Everest, National Geographic has been an inspiration to travelers all around the world. The power of storytelling and exploration allows people to discover places they've never seen before. And what do you need when you travel? Shoes. (heh)



The Vans collaboration with Nat Geo is a traveller's dream. Championing adventure curiosity, the design itself features Nat Geo's iconic yellow borders in a couple of the shoes. Other designs feature the artwork of animals and places, showing appreciation to the environment around us.


Lego x Stranger Things

Bring The Upside Down into reality!




Lego's collaboration with Stranger Things brought our favourite show to life, where you can visit and BUILD the Upside Down. The lego set is modelled after the Byers house and when you turn it upside down, you can visit a whole new world! Even the lego minifigures, or minifigs, have a little Demogorgon!

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