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Tips for Parents & Guardians of Kids Who are Studying from Home!

by Community Manager on ‎22-01-2021 04:20 PM

1. Create a designated area for school!

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We understand how it can get a bit tough for the students to focus while studying online, but coming up with a designated study area could change that! It could be anywhere that’s a bit more quiet or private- either in their room or a spot in the house where it’s comfortable. You could even clear out a few spaces in the house, just so they can pick where they’d like to study that day! A change of scenery would be good too, just so they can switch it up every few days or when things get a bit stressful.

2. Do Not Disturb!

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Creating a sign to say that School is in Session/ Do Not Disturb to hang on the door or to be placed near the study area would be very helpful! This is just so the other family members are aware that they are going through a school day. With that being said, you could also print out their school schedule, so you and your child would be more aware of the timings when school starts, ends, what time each subject is and lunch time!

3. Keep them motivated!


For younger students, it might be easier to keep them motivated by setting a reward system. For example, whenever they’ve checked off a good amount on their to-do list, they get to choose a reward- like deciding what to eat for dinner, picking the family movie or playing with their toys! This would make them more focused in completing their daily tasks such as homework or even chores! You could even make a checklist with the activities so you and your child can keep track easier.

4. Keep healthy snacks on deck!


We know they might get a bit peckish during the long hours of studying, and snacks could definitely be a life-saver. Hey, that applies even to grown-ups! You could alternate the choices of their snacks with healthier choices such as trail mix, fruits and vegetables for them during school so you can avoid hangry children!

5. What if you’re working from home too?


Just like how you’ve created the Do Not Disturb sign for your child, create one for yourself as well! Let them know that you’d be busy during the times when the sign is up. We understand that some days are heavier than others, so when things get a bit stressful, give yourself permission to take a short 5-10 minute break with your child! Run around, play with them, or even watch a funny video together! It could definitely give yourself a bit of a pick-me-up and a productivity boost.

6. The Most Important Tip...

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...is definitely great Internet connectivity with no interruptions for your child! Studying online could already be a bit of a stress, especially when they can’t catch what their teacher is talking about. With the SPM and the STPM exams coming up, ensure that your child has smooth sailing school days with Digi’s special SPM and STPM internet plan on the MyDigi App


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