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Tips and Tricks To Get Around Town!

by SuperUser ‎12-07-2019 12:32 PM - edited ‎12-07-2019 12:34 PM

Grab onto your seat cause you might wanna hear this! (See what we did there? Heh.)

With Grab releasing new rules and regulations for all its drivers, it seems like there’s gonna be a massive drop in Grab cars. That could mean longer wait times when trying to book a Grab. 

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other ways to get around town! Check out some of the ways you could get to your destination on time without having to wait forever!

Get yourself a Touch ’n Go card!

Touch n Go.jpg

And use it on busses and trains! Malaysia’s public transport system is actually one of the more well-developed infrastructures among all southeast asia countries. With numerous Rapid, BRT, MRT and LRT lines to get you from Gombak all the way to Putra Heights! Not to mention our KTM train lines to get you across the country!

Try Public Taxis!


You know those red Proton Saga around town with those “Teksi” sign above? You could try getting a ride with them too! Ever since Grab came around, it seems like everyone has forgotten about our public Malaysia taxis, with only foreigners and people from the airport riding with them. All of Malaysia public taxi drivers are licensed and are forced to maintain their cars. So if your having trouble finding a Grab, try out the public taxis - but make sure they have their fare meters on.

Pre-plan your journey!


The saying goes, “If you’re late, that”s natural cause you’re a Malaysian”. But why is that? Instead of being late due to expected scenarios like traffic jams and emergency errands, pre-plan your journey and schedule ahead of time! There’s plenty of apps available to help schedule your time. You can even put an alarm 10 minutes before your meetings! Don’t let yourself be late, plan ahead!

Carpool with your friends!


And if your friends or colleagues live close to you, why not carpool to your destination together? You get to save fuel and money! Plan ahead with them and maybe return the favour by belanja-ing them once in a while. Smiley Wink

Get to know a personal Grab driver!


If you still feel more comfortable with a Grab car, then maybe it’s time to start talking to your Grab driver and actually building a friendship? Make friends with your Grab drivers (or if you’re already friends with one) and you could plan your routes with them! Ask them which direction they’re heading and see if it’s near your destination!

Get a bicycle…?


Okay so maybe this would only be viable for closer destination, but it is still a way to get around town nonetheless! A bicycle also allows you to exercise and get a quick cardio workout done! Just make sure to say safe and wear a helmet. Smiley Very Happy

So there! You no longer have to wait any longer! If you have any other tips and tricks for getting around town, share them with your friends with Digi #FreedomToInternet here!

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