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Time to get really kiasu about this - here are the holidays you need to score in 2018

by Community Manager on ‎19-03-2018 03:49 PM - last edited on ‎23-03-2018 02:54 PM by SuperUser

We Malaysians can pretty much agree on a few things:

We like our food. We like it so much we’re talking about tea-time while we’re at lunch.

We get seriously creative when it comes to parking in malls (more so on weekends or on Aeon Member Sale days).

And public holidays are just the best thing since the invention of nasi lemak (see… food again).

 nasi lemak.png

We’re pretty sure you agree that taking a Kiasu approach to holidays this year is the best advice since your Aunty Mah told you to finish your plate of rice (aiyah… food again) or suffer the fate of an ugly future spouse.


So let’s jump right in to the best laid plans for long weekends.


So you’ve missed the chance to cash in on

1st Jan and CNY ONG,

This is just the start, don’t sweat la,

You still have Raya,


For those of you who need a reason

To stay at home to celebrate the seasons,

You have Merdeka and Malaysia Day to plan for,

That’s two long weekends, but wait, there’s more!


Wesak, Awal Muharram, Deepavali and Labour day,

All fall on a Tuesday,

It’ll make sense to submit,

days off on Monday to celebrate it.


Finally don’t miss out on special dates,

That is traditionally shared with family and mates,

Both Christmas and Prophet Muhammad’s birthday,

Are the perfect times for you to holiday!  


Labour Day 1st May

Wesak: 29th May

Raya: 15th – 16th June

Merdeka: 31st August

Malaysia Day: 16th September

Awal Muharram: 11th September

Deepavali: 6th November

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday: 20th November

Christmas: 25th December

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