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The MCU Recap You Need To Watch Avengers Endgame

by Community Manager ‎23-04-2019 06:42 PM - edited ‎23-04-2019 06:45 PM

The Avengers initiative was meant to protect
The Earth when the aliens attack
So Fury called upon a small group
Of very remarkable people
And see if they could connect.

Captain America
was fished out of ice
He has a shield and he’s real nice.
After that came Iron Man,
He built his own suits and always has plans


Thor was next
And Hawkeye too
Black Widow didn’t rest
Until Hulk came to.


But there are bad guys on Earth
So close to home
The Winter Soldier was taken by Hydra
Brainwashed into a heartless fighta


Quicksilver and Ultron
lost their lives
But the team found Vision
An android with his own mind


Then came the Sokovia Accords
Team Cap and Team Iron Man
Had their friendship soured
Black Panther came bounding onto the scene
With Spider-Man and Ant-Man being the size of a bean.


In space was Star-Lord with his cool dance moves
And Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Mantis, and Groot too
Dr Strange found the Time Stone and kept it with him
While Shuri fixed Bucky even when things seemed grim.


Thanos was after the Infinity Stones
To rule the universe on his own throne
Everyone fought back, not willing to lose
But Thanos was too strong and everyone’s bruised


He snaps his fingers and it happens so fast
Half the world just turns to dust
But just when the world thinks all is lost
Captain Marvel shows up with a cause.


The War is over
And nothing’s the same
So now we wait
For the Endgame.

Stay connected,
Call your friends!
Talk about Endgame
'Til days end!

by SuperUser
on ‎02-05-2019 03:57 AM

Great summary! But for maximum satisfaction, i would recommend watching all 22 prior movies of the MCU before watching End Game. If you've already watched all of them, you're good to go! Missing any one of them is NOT recommended! Smiley Very Happy


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