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The Little Things You Can Do To Save The World!

by Community Manager ‎23-08-2019 04:20 PM - edited ‎23-08-2019 04:26 PM

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is burning. 

The Amazonia (also known as the earth’s lungs, supplying 20% of the earth’s oxygen) is burning and it’s the most pressing story of the day.

Since the beginning of the year, the Amazon rainforest has been burning faster than ever before. The number of wildfires has risen to a new record high. And while it’s true that the dry seasons in July and August may cause some wildfires, the rise in number has been due to illegal deforestation.


 It’s gotten so bad that you can actually see the fires from space.

The world is our only home and there’s only one of it. We should be taking more care of the natural world all around us, but what can we do when we’re all the way the other side of the world?


1. Change your driving habits!


Carbon emissions from cars are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution around the world. Instead of driving, plan your routes and get on public transport. Trust us, it’s better than getting driving - especially when you know you’ll eventually get stuck in traffic. If you have colleagues or classmates that live in the same area, try carpooling!


2. Turn off the air conditioning!

air cond.gif

Another big contributor to the carbon emissions in our air is the air conditioning we use. Most houses have multiple air conditioning in each room, and it is usually turned on at night when we sleep. Try and sleep without the air conditioning on each night, and if you do need it, get one with a timer on it so that when you fall asleep it automatically turns off. 


3. Don’t forget your tote bag!

Even though the government has started charging 20 sen per plastic bag at all supermarkets, people still seem to be willing to pay for it. Bring your tote bags wherever you go or keep one in your car so that it’ll always be there when you need it. If you really need to get a plastic bag, reuse it again for other purposes. 


4. Plan and prep your meals!

When going grocery shopping, buy enough food for the week and for each meal. That way, you not only save money buy cooking and preparing your own food, but you also avoid any additional plastic containers and cutleries. And if you’re really craving for some food deliveries...


5. Use your own utensils for food deliveries!


If you’re ordering food to takeaway, or even delivery, the delivery man usually brings your meal with a set of plastic utensils. That’s another plastic item that will most likely be thrown away in the trash. You can put a small note when ordering your food to tell them you don’t need utensils. You can use your own!


6. Spread awareness!

One of the major issues with saving our environment is the lack of coverage by the mainstream news. Keep your friends and families informed of our environmental issues and different ways they can protect our planet with Digi #FreedomToInternet now. Remember, even with a small change, when performed by many can make a huge difference!

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