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The Emotions of Watching K-Drama

by Community Manager on ‎06-11-2019 11:15 AM

Whether you’re watching Hotel Del Luna or My Absolute Boyfriend, all K-drama fans go through a set of standard emotions when watching their favourite shows. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that doesn’t let you off until the end of the final episode.

Get your hearts and minds ready, cause here we go!


1. When you’re super excited to start a new K-series.



2. When you start obsessing over your new favourite oppa!



3. Then you meet the love interest and you’re like…



4. And when you least expect it, a sudden wave of emotions when the main couple that was SO CLEARLY MEANT TO BE TOGETHER, don’t get together.



5. After the emotional outpour, you follow as the main character goes through life, trying to figure out what he did wrong and how he has to move on.



6. Then you get SHOCKED when you realize that the best friend actually had a crush on the main character!



7. And at the end when they do actually get together, you realize that you were wrong and the best friend was the perfect girl for him all along.



8. And then you start ALL OVER AGAIN with a new K-drama!

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